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Old 24-05-2013
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Xbox One vs. Wii U vs. Playstation 4 Gaming Consoles Comparison Chart

While Microsoft has just introduced Xbox One by revealing its technical specs, the time is now for comparison. It had to be expected, the battle of the next-gen consoles will rage in 2013.

For now, it is time for Sony to unveil the latest information on its next-gen console. After a first conference on the characteristics of the PS4, we will see on next June 10 the official presentation of the beast. To make you wait a teaser on the design of the PS4 has been posted to raise the temperature, on youtube.

Nintendo side, the Wii U is already available for some time and as usual, the Japanese firm targets a different audience with a very entertaining console. It will be difficult to compare in the same league as its competitors. However, with the latest addition to Nintendo, the Wii U also has its place in this comparison.

On Xbox One and PS4, no advertised price or specific release date is given for the moment, however, Microsoft promises a release in 2013, while the PlayStation 4 could see a day earlier than planned in Europe.

You may also notice that the disk capacity of the PS4 has not been announced by Sony. If you believe the rumors circulating on the Web about the storage memory is of the order of Terra-byte, but still there are no valid information about it.

On the Comparison Chart we have:
  1. Xbox One of Microsoft
  2. Sony Playstation 4
  3. Nintendo Wii U

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Old 25-05-2013
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Re: Xbox One vs. Wii U vs. Playstation 4 Gaming Consoles Comparison Chart

According to sales figures, Nintendo has sold 100 million Wii while the PS3 and Xbox are equally at the same position, approaching 80 million each. Nintendo and Microsoft dominate in Japan and the United States while Sony is solid throughout, especially in Europe. The gap has narrowed considerably since 2011: after an early start, the Wii has stalled, largely ignored by other publishers for their blockbusters because of its power too low. In front, the Xbox 360 and PS3 have found a second stand in the league with Kinect and PS Move actually.
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Old 27-05-2013
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Re: Xbox One vs. Wii U vs. Playstation 4 Gaming Consoles Comparison Chart

With the new Xbox One, Microsoft wants to impose an attack by giving three features, that is - the game, the TV and the Web. Via Kinect voice control, the user can switch from Call of Duty to a second NBA game without any issues. Several screens can coexist at one time and Xbox One also communicates with smartphones and tablets, including iOS and Android.
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Old 28-05-2013
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Re: Xbox One vs. Wii U vs. Playstation 4 Gaming Consoles Comparison Chart

Sony is expected to unveil its PS4 design at E3 and clarify many unclear remaining details, including the gesture control and cloud gaming. The acquisition of Gaikai should allow the manufacturer to offer games (presumably PSX, PS2 and PS3) not only on the PS4, but also on PCs, smartphones and tablets. The economic model has not yet been presented.
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