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Thread: Galaxy Tab 2 P5100 vs Google Nexus 7

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    Galaxy Tab 2 P5100 vs Google Nexus 7

    Hi, i need a tablet urgently as am about to go outstation. While searching for some good tablets i came through 3 to 4 choices but finally i decided to go with the Google's latest one, Nexus 7. I was just about to order the same but suddenly saw a news about Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P5100. According to the news Galaxy Tab 2 P5100 is just launched in Indian market and i have been huge fan of Samsung Galaxy devices. Currently using GS3 smartphone as well So, the new launch actually put me in confusion between Nexus 7 and galaxy Tab 2.

    Could you guys please help me to decide which one is better between both of these devices ?

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    Re: Galaxy Tab 2 P5100 vs Google Nexus 7

    well it depends on your own uses like you want to use it for games, or multimedia, or office work, etc. But if we talk about power and performance both are similar except few things. Whereas Nexus 7 is running with Latest Android OS Jelly Bean, Galaxy Tab 2 is still launched with ICS. But that doesn't matters much as ICS is still good. Other than this if you love gaming and watching movies, obviously Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 will good with its 10.1 inch screen compared to Nexus's 7inch screen.

    Apart from these there is huge difference in price also. Where you can get Nexus 7 for Rs 17000/- Samsung Galxy Tab will cost you Rs. 32,990. Almost double. Anyways, if would have to go out station and want to carry few docs and multimedia files, i would have gone with Nexus 7.

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