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    Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720


    I was wondering, with so many rumors coming in the market, which among these two gaming cosoles will be good enough to be bought, that is the Xbox 720 or the Playstation 4? Are this even scheduled to be release or is it just fake news roaming all around the news? In any case, if it is still going to be released then would you buy a Playstation 4 or the Xbox 720? Which will be the beast among these 2 gaming console. Does anyone have some information about it. Kindly participate to give your valuable suggestions and informations. Thank you.

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    Re: Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720

    According to some recent news, microsoft will launch Xbox 720 in the holiday seasons, which might be obviously their christmas season in december i guess, for $299, which if calculated in Indian Rupees, would be 16500 approx., but to custom tax and excise duty it will be levied at not less than 22k Rs. to 25k Rs. in India, also price to differ on the size of the hard drive purchased. Also, with $99 it be possible to view live tv, by subscribing to some TV service providers instead of network carriers. And on top of that, Xbox 720 could hold inside hardware with scalable power and/or modified according to the needs of users and developers. This means that the new Xbox could have a power base, equal in all models, which could then be customized by the user. And without any testing it will be still difficult to tell, which one will be the best.

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    Re: Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720

    Many are calling the next playstation gaming console as Playstation Orbis, rather than Playstation 4. Here, the term Orbis, reminds of a Orbit, which means the console design would be changed completely, as it seems. You will be also glad to know its rumored specifications, which is most likely to outbeat the xbox 720 in many ways:

    1. Equipped with a custom chip based on the Radeon HD 7670 GPU and AMD A8-3850 APU,
    2. The A8-3850 will feature a 2.9GHz quad-core processor and built-in graphics chip
    3. APU body functions as a dedicated GPU
    4. HD 7670 is a card for DirectX 11, the operating clock with dedicated VRAM 1GHz of up to 1GB
    5. HD 7670 is a rebranded version of the same specs of HD 6670 that was launched last year
    6. HD 6670's current market price is about $74.99 in the entry-level processor
    7. Chip supports HDMI1.4a output
    8. APU can run the game in the baseline and low-resolution spec without the help of GPU individually

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    Re: Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720

    It is definitely going to be a battle between Microsoft's Xbox 720 and Sony's PlayStation 4 in the upcoming month or year, since all news that come for this gaming consoles seems like a rumors itself only. Nintendo will launch with the Wii U, at the end of this year. Although the traditional Japanese company have not revealed any technical details, it is mentioned that the Wii U, technically, would at least catch up with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will thus set a new course with a Tablet style controller. In contrast, Microsoft and Sony seem to think in a completely different categories. It is stated that the Xbox 3 or the Xbox 720, as it is known to date more often, gets a Blu-ray drive and requires a permanent Internet connection. This is to be used as a kind of copy protection. Several weeks ago, some informant said that the upcoming Xbox will not get optical drive anymore, instead they should have flash memory inbuilt and rely on a sophisticated system against piracy and used games.

    So, one can make it our for themselves whether they would want to go with these gaming consoles or rather upgrade their pc gaming only.

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    Re: Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720

    I heard that Microsoft would choose a GPU mid/high range of the 6000 series from ATI, specifically a HD 6670, which is a kind of graphics card that is marketed in the 70 euros and it should also give the Xbox 720 console, a 6 times more powerful output compared to the Xbox 360 and 20% more efficient than a Wii U. And according to some designer, the future of the games industry is in the streaming technology from companies such as OnLive or Gaikai. These next generation of gaming consoles would no doubt suffer much in the market. Thus, the Wii U, Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 which are the last of the classic consoles, would definitely be replaced by the PC and especially services like OnLive or Gaikai. So, it would be a tough time to decide which one should be opted here as the best gaming consoles.

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