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Thread: Vote for the most violent video game

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    Vote for the most violent video game

    Games are becoming more violent as time goes on. But still there are some games that are not suitable for kids. I found a short of famous games that are released recently and still are loved by people. Guys please vote for the most violent games that you think. In my views I had found Prototype as one of the most violent game recently. Full of blood and flesh with action and aliens make the game more deadlier. The new version Prototype 2 a step more ahead in comparison to Prototype.

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    Re: Vote for the most violent video game

    I think GTA is the most violent game of all. I had played this game several times and you can easily see how options are available to kill or hit people on the road and rob them. This might create a very bad impression on kids who can try that out. In my views this is a negative impact. While games like Counter Strike cannot be counted as violent. Kids cannot easily afford maverick of ak. While prototype is fantasy based game.

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    Re: Vote for the most violent video game

    There are more games coming up in future which will more violent then the list mentioned above. I had seen game developers are using more blood in the game. That can be seen clearly in Sniper Elite and games like Max Payne 3. Where you can aim on enemies and blow their heads off. I think this might not put anykind of major impact on kids mind. As they are just video game. Also weapons are not toys which can be located by anyone easily. For more fun and realistic gameplay the changes are adopted by developers to give better experience.

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    Re: Vote for the most violent video game

    I think that Dead Island is one of the most violent games that I have ever played. We can actually kill a zombie or any person using knives, machetes, axe, hammer or anything that can do damage. The killing splashes out so much blood that your weapons gets red colored. After killing the zombie or person, you can dismember his limbs using sharp objects. Head, hands, legs and torso can be separated with blood spurting out of then. Using electric weapons will burn zombies skin to reveal parts under skin. BTW, lol at people who consider Counter Strike as violent. Play Dead Island, Manhunt 2 or Sniper Elite V2

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    Re: Vote for the most violent video game

    I think Grand Theft Auto series has got to be the most violent game, those crimes portrayed and done there are usually happening in the streets with actual people dying because of it. This games shows unlimited ways on how to kill people, destroy stuff and steal cars.

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    Re: Vote for the most violent video game

    Resident Evil and GTA Series Both. I have heard a story that two 10 year old boys killed a 5 year old girl just because they want to know how they get money in the game after killing someone with base bat.

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