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Thread: Will you buy Milagrow TabTop 7.4 ICS Tablet

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    Will you buy Milagrow TabTop 7.4 ICS Tablet

    I am trying to find a good Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. I found two models. The first one was Micromax Funbook that cost around Rs. 6,400 and the second one was Milagrow TabTop 7.4 for Rs.10,990. Now I am getting ICS @ range of Rs.6,000. I am bit confused here. I had never heard about this Milagrow company. I need help to find a nice difference among them. For me investing Rs.10000 on a alien brand is bit difficult. But as I saw the specification I found TabTop good.

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    Re: Will you buy Milagrow TabTop 7.4 ICS Tablet

    If we talk about low range them in my views this is a bit costly tablet. Recently I saw a review comparison of HCL Me tablet and Funbook. Both were having great different in price but rated same. So in my views I can give a try to Funbook instead of this. I had check the specs and I found lots of similarity among them. Mostly users trust their local brand only. And I had not heard about this tablet much before. The size looks a bit bigger in comparison to other.

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    Re: Will you buy Milagrow TabTop 7.4 ICS Tablet

    It is nice to found that there are many brands coming up with cheap tables in India. First thing I had see companies like bluecherry, micromax, iball, etc are producing low range tablet pc. I had yet not see any of this product getting popular. So there might be some thing that users need more. Compared to other the tablets does not have large storage space. You can extend that via microsd card. If I go for a tablet I will really try to find a model with atleast 16gb internal storage.

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