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Thread: Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

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    Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

    Windows 8

    We know that Windows 8 Consumer preview has released couple of months ago. The main feature of new version of windows is Metro UI. Basically it is designed for touch screen support. Also it is called as Windows RT, it means one can use it with ARM devices like tablets that are having touchscreen interfaces.

    Following are the Main features of Windows 8

    • Already it is said, Windows 8 is employed with Metro UI and it is same as Windows Phone OS. Basically its has tile based UI in which every single tile displays application icons that are installed on system. Also it would display relevant information associated with app. It can be run in full screen. Several programming languages such as C++, Visual Basic, C#, HTML and JavaScript is used to developed it. Metro App is used to run desktop application on system.
    • There is no plugin support in Internet Explorer 10 and it is included into Metro Style app. However desktop version of the same would have support for it.
    • You will be able to sync computer settings through an internet connection whenever you login on Microsoft account.
    • Couple of authentication methods are introduced on new OS which are, picture password where you can draw three gestures into different places on pictures at the time of login. Second pin where user will be identified entering 4 digit pin.
    • Windows Explorer will have ribbon toolbar. Also it will have file operation progress dialog that should be let you know about file transfer , there would be less conflict while doing the same.
    • ‘advanced hibernation functionality’ functionality is introduced to improve booting time of the system.
    • Booting of device can be done by using Windows To Go
    • Refresh and Reset functions are introduced , Refresh will restore all Windows files to original state irrespective of making any changes into files, Metro UI and settings. Whereas Reset function will take system to factory settings.

    Totally new and enhanced Windows Task Manager is introduced in Windows 8

    Linux Mint 13

    Linux Mint 13 Maya RC has been released recently. The new distro is available in two versions which are MATE 1.2 and Cinnamon 1.4. the new OS is developed on Ubuntu 12.04. apart from MATE and Cinnamon they had released totally new Display Manager which is called as MDM. It is based on GDM, however there are lots of customization and new features are involved with the same.

    MATE 1.2 is having same look and feel as that of Gnome 2 desktop. Most of Linux distros were neglected Gnome 2. Hence all developed came together started new project named MATE to save it.

    Advantages of using Mate
    • It is very Stable and can be used on all computers. One can easily use the same.
    • It does have support for mintMenu, mintDesktop, Compiz. It has GTK2 so there are more themes and applications available as compared to other desktop.

    Disadvantages of Using Mate

    • Some features such as Bluetooth support are not migrated to MATE from Gnome 2 so it wont work in MATE.


    We know that Gnome 2 is an essential part of Linux Mint. So Linux Mint developer started to provide completely new environment Cinnamon. It is developed on Clutter and Gnome 3. There are lots of advanced features are introduced such as composting, animations, etc.

    Advantages using Cinnamon

    There are lots of modern features are introduced on Cinnamon and it provides better production environment over traditional one.

    Disadvantages using Cinnamon

    • 3D acceleration would not work as expected due to graphic card or drivers issue.
    • It is not stable as compared to other desktop environment available into the market.
    • It is developed on Gnome 3 and Clutter , so there are lots of changes to be made on the same.


    MDM is new display manager introduced on Linux Mint 13. It provides features such as graphical configuration tools, theme ability, remote, automatic and timed login and many more features as compared to other display manager.

    Apart from above mentioned things , Mint-X and Mint-Z themes are having better support for GTK3.

    Now tell me which one should be better? Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13.which operating system will you like to use?

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    Re: Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

    Personally I am really disappointed with whatever things are provided on Windows 8. I installed consumer preview on my computer, I had very bad time with it. People who had been used Windows for several years would get lots of issues while navigating and browsing on Windows 8. Menu and settings are not organized as expected. If we are saying that its Windows product, actually it does not using any of component of Windows interface. I have decided to not use Windows 8 but I would think about Linux Mint 13 if it is suitable for my requirements.

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    Re: Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

    I am Linux user from past Many years. No idea about Windows 8, not even interested to think about it. There are so much advantages while using Linux such as its available for free, runs well on computer, even there is no threat of viruses and malware attacks on the computer. So definitely my vote goes for Linux Mint 13 only. I hope there would be lots of fun while using the same.

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    Re: Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

    Most people are not aware of what Linux is? They are used Windows operating system blindly. I know that one should have sophisticated knowledge while installing and configuring Linux on PC. So people who are less technical would go for Windows based system.I would happily use Windows 8 if Microsoft provides an option that allow us to boot Windows 8 in Metro or desktop environment. The User interface should be more useful to all the users. I did not used Linux Mint ever in my life so I will stick with Windows 7 and looking forward if Windows 8 developers makes some useful changes into the same.

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    Re: Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

    I am not interested to use Windows 8 at all. Even I don’t think so people who recently switched to Windows 7 are not going to think about Windows 8. In my Opinion Metro UI is biggest mistake done by Microsoft people. It suitable for the users who are having tablet computers but they are very less in number. Windows tablets are expensive too and it does not have app stores which are already available in iOS and Android. Hence I conclude that there is no mean of using Windows 8.

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    Re: Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

    Its so awful that Start button is missing on Windows 8. We know that Windows having start button from beginning. All GUI based OS are having start button in any form. So it should be provided into Windows 8. Though it’s a new version of Windows based but Microsoft targeted for tablet users. So I would prefer to go for Linux Mint if it is nice in terms of usage.

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    Re: Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

    Could be possible that you switch to Linux Mint due to improper Windows 8 UI. But after using crappy Linux desktop app you will defiantly return to Microsoft OS at least. I am not saying that you will return to Windows 8. In my opinion Linux is great in terms of server operating system but for desktop Operating system it is not suitable for at all. Microsoft people should understand the thing that there should not be any changes on basic design of Operating system. However if you wanted to give a try to Linux Mint 13 I recommend you should dual boot your system with whatever OS already installed on your system.

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    Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

    I would prefer windows 8..As far I know it is really awesome and is best for using Microsoft office...

    I have seen lumia phones and windows 7.5 and 7.8 are really awesome..I can imagine what will be like windows 8..

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    Re: Windows 8 or Linux Mint 13 Maya

    win 8 sucks but i would not discourage new windows users from trying win 8 i triied the transformation pack and it took 3 days to fix the problems it gave me

    not to dis Microsoft but unless they change their way of thinking i and so many other long time windows users will switch the os we use

    i have already tried linux 14 it would not be my first linux os choice but i would choose linux 9-12 as my os choice hands down

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