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Thread: Do you Agree that Amazon is Killing Ebook Industry

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    Do you Agree that Amazon is Killing Ebook Industry

    I had gone through a article recently which has a lot more discussion on Amazon's ebook industry. Amazon is one of the bigger shopping site on web. It has a large number of users and widely used world. After the introduction of Kindle Amazon opened up ebook store to offer books easily via its service. Kindle was a kind of hit among the reader who really enjoyed to have this descent fascinating product. Now there is a kind of anger among publisher who really do not like the ebook thing started by Amazon. First what I found by reading is that publishers what benefit of having a free ebook store where they can put their books. This ebook store should be accessible on every gadget or pc or other devices and users can buy books. Amazon has a special service for this where publisher have to meet the standards to get their books on this site. The service offer is costly which is not acceptable for small publishers. Second thing anyhow if you are a writer and had earned a good by selling books, this time your business is going to effect because of ebook introduction and if you do not cope with the technology you stay behind. This has simply added more cost on the publishing part. You might need a good IT infrastructure to get your ebook published well among the world wide. A openness on web might have given more exposure to the publishers but technical restriction has cause more blockage to easily. In my views to some extent it is right but everything must not be accumulated in single hands.

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    Re: Do you Agree that Amazon is Killing Ebook Industry

    You cannot say that Amazon is killing the ebook industry. That is not really a final conclusion. Ebook is the way by which you can have your favorite novel on your device. You can purchase that read it and carry it everywhere you go. So if I am a book lover and has more than 50 books I cannot carry that with me. While in device like Kindle I can keep more than that. Isn't that amazing. This is the expansion of book industry according to me. It is right that the standards and policies carried out by the service provides pushes the publishers more hard. Now they are hanged between two worlds. The real and the world of digital media. Everyone cannot afford to get his book on the web to some extent. Also to some extent due to technical advancement this puts a limit on the writers preference.

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    Re: Do you Agree that Amazon is Killing Ebook Industry

    Just wait for sometime. Assume that if today only Amazon offer a ebook service then surely tomorrow you can find hundreds or services like this. Gadgets have internet connectivity and they can surf web. So if you are associated to some famous ebook store then you do not need to worry. What I believe that because of introduction of ebook industry the actual book the hard copy price is affected to great extent. It also affects a large amount of manpower used which will be useless if ebook is more popular than regular books. You buy a device, you click on the book and purchased it in a cheaper rate. The prices are differ as per area you are in. For example there is a difference in price of US and UK. What I do not like is the restriction on availability of such store. In some part of word Amazon ebook store does not provide access. Today you can see new ebook readers are introduced in the market more cheaper than Kindle. And once a person is addicted to a digital reader he might never plan to switch to paper reader. I am happy only because it will help to save nature.

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    Re: Do you Agree that Amazon is Killing Ebook Industry

    I never thought about this. I noticed that there are ample of loopholes in tax payment stuff when a user purchase your books. This might reduce a publishers profit. Anyhow now everyone will need to have a IT department. That is what you called the infrastructure which is needed to manage the books.

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    Re: Do you Agree that Amazon is Killing Ebook Industry

    In my views it is a better what. Why because you get the entire web and a large audience. There are lack of physical process here while digitally you can reach to anyone in minutes. It is a business and it is on the web. So they will surely charge you for the service they offered. You just need to ensure that you had gone through each and every policies and terms they had mentioned. Because there are loopholes that can be missed. In same way Google also provide a help for publishing books on it.

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