Poll: Which gmaing computer company should I buy from?

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Thread: Who makes the best gaming computers

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    Who makes the best gaming computers

    I am needing to buy a new gaming computer because mine is on its last leg. it lags just playing wow so i cant imagine trying to run the new battlefield 3.

    im not really that good at building custom computers so id really prefer to buy one from a reputable company where i can get the best bang for my buck.



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    Re: Who makes the best gaming computers

    Basically i prefer Alienware as the best gaming laptop as well as Desktop manufacturer. Am having one since long time and am satisfied with it. dont have much idea about others you have mentioned above.

    Anyways, if you want some more idea, than you should also check out this threads: Who manufacture best gaming laptop . And if you want to assemble one for gaming purpose than check out this: http://forums.techarena.in/polls-voting/1384189.htm

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