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Thread: Andriod vs iPhone?

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    Andriod vs iPhone?

    Hello everyone! Which one is better according to the users. I have neither used android nor have i used iPhone. I lost my phone recently and am planning to buy a new phone. Shall i go for iphone 4 or some android phone!? Which phone has better customization options and which of them is less dangerous to experiment? I usually end up screwing my phone more easily. So please guide me people...

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    Re: Andriod vs iPhone?

    Well I personally feel Android is a better choice to go with. Why do i feel it? There are a lot of points :
    • Android phones are manufactured by many brands
    • They are cheaper then iPhone 4
    • They are easy to customize
    • Less illegal stuff has to be done [root n busybox which is easily reversible]
    • Can download and install applications developed by anyone. To do this on iPhone, you need to jailbreak it.
    • Open source OS which can be tweaked by anyone
    • Lot of developers are jumping into android application development as it is an open source.
    • And lot of more point...

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    Re: Andriod vs iPhone?

    If this would be your first smartphone, i would suggest you to go for an Android phone as it has a lot of options for price, brand and form factor. iPhone is quite a heavy device for a new smartphone user. Well for a beginner, it is difficult to learn and get into both the environment but i would still recommend you to start with android. The case is similar to the case of computer OS. If you start learning computers with Linux, you grow out to be an expert as its too difficult. Using Windows is like someone is spoon feeding us. Just an opinion...

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    Re: Andriod vs iPhone?

    iPhone is no doubt more user friendly phone for non techie people. But then if you want to learn something new, better start with something that is a bit difficult. Using iPhone now makes more of the people bore as there's nothing new in the phone except few hardware changes and only the software to support the new hardware. The basic OS is the same in all the versions of the iPhone. Which is disliked by many iPhone users. Also for personalizing iphone is a bit better but then, you have to loose something to gain something much better...

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    Re: Andriod vs iPhone?

    If you are not too much into tech stuffs and you dont belong to the group of tech-savvy people, you would like to go for iPhone. Over all, in the comparison, the Android emerges as a mighty winner. It has a lot to customize and a lot to test. IOS and Android both are based on linux kernel, but Android is open source so you can play with the OS and develop a new Custom Android OS for your phone as it suits you. But then this is only if you are a developer...

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