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Thread: Which Sprint Phone should i go with

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    Which Sprint Phone should i go with

    I am making this post to know about the best Sprint mobile phone. If you are having any suggestion regarding same then do let me know so that i can go with the same. A help may be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Which Sprint Phone should i go with

    My suggestion is to go with the Samsung Epic 4G. It follows that is Samsung 4G Epic 31 August for $ 249.99 come in the stores. The device is reminiscent of the Samsung S Galaxy with a QWERTY keyboard. Preorder after 13 August accepted. The technical details of the Epic 4G:
    1. Samsung 1GHz processor
    2. 4-inch AMOLED capacitive Super Display
    3. 3G/4G wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi hotspot support for up to 5 devices
    4. Android 2.1 (with 2.2 froyo on the way)
    5. Bluetooth 2.1
    6. GPS
    7. microSD card expansion
    8. 1 GB of ROM and 512 MB RAM
    9. 1,500 mAh Battery
    10. 5 - megapixel camera

    When the Samsung smartphone will be available in this country is not yet known. Anybody who wants to wait too long, can now operate from a large number of smartphones. A good decision making when buying a smartphone can be a price comparison.

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    Re: Which Sprint Phone should i go with

    The new HTC can record in 720p (1.3 megapixels) and take pictures of 8 megapixels. Its super-sensor is associated with a real flash to two diodes. A second sensor, 1.3 megapixels, is present on the front. Note the presence of a mini-HDMI port for playing videos on a 720p TV, which effectively transforms the smartphone into a true multimedia platform. It also offers a 3.5mm jack and a foot for easy viewing videos free hand.

    The Evo 4G also integrates GPS, digital compass, 802.11g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 etc. To guarantee him a good autonomy, its creator has included a 1500 mAh battery, which resulted in burdening the device, which weighs 170 grams. The Evo 4G runs on Google Android 2.1, with the overlay Sense. HTC and Sprint launch the Evo 4G later this summer.

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    Re: Which Sprint Phone should i go with

    LG Lotus Elite is equipped with an external touchscreen display, a second screen can be used with the device open, the camera can take self-portraits and a comfortable physical keyboard for writing messages. LG Lotus Elite, is the clamshell and has two 2.4-inch QVGA screen, 2.0 megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, a "highly customizable user interface, a full QWERTY keyboard, GPS receiver (with Sprint Navigation), shortcut keys to social networks, emails and texts, Sprint TV, personal and corporate email, and a microSD card slot. The terminal will be released in two versions with different colors, red, Jan. 10, and black, on 14 February. And it cost USD $ 99.99 with a two-year contract with Sprint, the price includes a discount for $ 50.

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    Re: Which Sprint Phone should i go with

    Note that the HTC Evo now has Andriod 2.2, and sounds like they will be upgrading it to 2.3 soon. That means a lot. If HTC can keep it up and not let it fall behind and forget about it that is a great thing. I'm loving my Evo for now.

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    Re: Which Sprint Phone should i go with

    The new BlackBerry 9670 Style is not announced yet, but RIM should make it official very soon. Meanwhile, the terminal valve made an appearance on Sprint's internal systems - which confirms, once again, the fact that the third-largest U.S. carrier will offer the new clamshell BlackBerry to its customers (probably about together with Verizon). This should be "only a matter of weeks before the device is announced, that it will add 60 days to release." But before you get to see RIM announce the 9670 style, there are here two excerpts of video from the smartphone, coming from Mexican Poder PDA website (in Spanish). The first video presents the material (compared with the BlackBerry Flip included), while the second presents the software (BlackBerry OS 6).

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    Re: Which Sprint Phone should i go with

    In handling and functions here that much of the HD2, whose technology the foundation of the Evo-supplied hardware. The operating system Android is 2.1, run by a clocked at 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 512 MB of RAM. With respect to its equipment, the device is a genuine all-rounder. The screen comes with 4.3 inch of very luxuriant, the resolution is 480 × 800 pixels.

    Whom the size is not enough: thanks to the HDMI interface can also easily transfer videos and movies on the TV. In addition is joined by an eight-megapixel camera with flash, complemented by an additional 1.3 megapixel camera in the front for video conferencing. Supplied also an 8GB micro SD card is included.

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