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Thread: Which is the Best Camcorder

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    Which is the Best Camcorder

    I am planning to buy a Camcorder and wanted to know that which company develops the best camcorder. If any one is having the knowledge about the best brand in camcorder then vote for it. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Which is the Best Camcorder

    I will advise you to go with the Panasonic which is having the best feature that you can go with. The HDC-HS700 Panasonic convinced with Full HD recording with the optimized 3MOS camera system and the improved optical image stabilizer OIS power. This brings 3MOS system of the HDC-HS700 with the 0.6 cm (1 / 4, 1 ") wide sensors with 3x 3.05 megapixels on a horizontal resolution of 1080 lines. Particularly noteworthy is the progressive recording 1920x1080/50p in which the recording of 50 frames per second, nearly twice as much image information as in the field (interlaced) procedures are included. The Leica Dicomar lens with 12x optical zoom and 35mm wide-angle (KB) kicks clear more from the subject as a conventional 44-mm lenses.

    To know more about this camcorder click below link:

    Panasonic PV-GS2 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

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    Re: Which is the Best Camcorder

    Kodak has just missed the turn digital photography cameras digital consumer, and trying to catch up by offering the Kodak Zi6 , a new mini-camera that is positioned precisely on the niche of Creative Vado and Flip Video , namely ultra-simple and compact dedicated to capture video for the web first. The first impression when you pick up the Kodak Zi6 first is its design and finish and size. The camera is superb with its black facade blending a matte surface, glossy surface and a screen with chrome surrounds and the control pad.

    More sophisticated and comprehensive than the Creative Vado, it is also heavier and much more cumbersome, as the photos below attest. This may seem awkward overweight, especially in a jacket pocket when you already have your wallet and your mobile phone, but it is also an advantage in the handling and comfort.But the main feature of the Kodak Zi6 is its ability to capture video in HD format (in addition to standard VGA) 720p at 30 or 60 frames per second (2 options). The record is correct but less fluid u VGA, at least read in Quicktime on my PC, yet powerful. The colors are absolutely correct, but the quality drops significantly in low light conditions.

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    Re: Which is the Best Camcorder

    My recommendation is nothing but the Canon which is ideal for first in the world of HD movie making with the VIXIA HF R17. It is light, compact, incredibly smart and has 8GB internal memory everything you need for your own Full HD video. From 31 shooting situations, the camcorder selects the most appropriate Scene mode - you get to optimal settings. Smart Car taken into account by intelligent scene recognition technology, brightness, contrast, distance and overall hue. In the video snapshot mode, you simply turn attractive short films. Every time the record button to create short video clips. You can choose between two, four and eight seconds long. After a film is completely no need for editing on the PC in no time: Simply arrange the clips in a playlist on the memory card, select a great soundtrack and the finished film can be viewed on a TV.

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    Re: Which is the Best Camcorder

    Take advantage of advanced technologies and recording capabilities with the Everio GZ-MS110 by JVC. This camcorder has a CCD sensor with 800,000 pixels and a powerful 39-times optical zoom to capture your favorite moments in digital.

    The GZ MS110 stored directly in MPEG2 format to SD and SDHC card and offers maximum light and precision. The JVC is equipped with a sophisticated digital stabilizer and the Super LoLux system and allows itself to be incorporated in low light conditions. The camcorder has GZMS110 further over a time lapse video mode and YouTube Upload taste. This way you can give your videos a more personal touch and share them with others on the web. The easy-to-handle to Everio GZ-MS110 JVC convinced with user friendly features.

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    Re: Which is the Best Camcorder

    Following the success of the Flip Video produced by Pure Digital Technologies, Creative says its aims and Vado. Conceptually the same, the Vado can record, store and share videos quickly and easily. Available in silver and pink, very thin and weighing less than 90g, the Vado with a push of a button to capture the best moments, thereby making it easier and faster. Just simply press a button to record up to two hours of high-quality video. There is no need to worry about tapes or discs, since it has a built-in 2GB memory and a removable, rechargeable battery, which avoids the usual problems with disposable batteries.

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