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    Best Router Manufacturer

    I am planning to buy a router for Computer but not sure about the best router. So I am making this post to get some knowledge about Best Router Manufacturer. If you can then share your suggestion in this post.

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    Re: Best Router Manufacturer

    The best for experienced users and professionals hardware is definitely all that Cisco / Linksys regularly out skin, we have had in the company where I worked in the IT department of anything else going on and nothing was as good and reliable and could easily (if you know how) to be adapted to your needs (there is almost nothing, especially with a Firmware mod, which can not do that - even the Fritzbox including mods as children is crap). Linksys was regarded for a while as easy HackBar, but that was mainly on "Windows phenomena", ie zero in the cracker / hacker has mostly to the market standard / leader in order to minimize costs. Which one can easily avoided if one makes this modification, which are compared with other hardware more than simple.

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    Re: Best Router Manufacturer

    The Cisco 3900 G2 E-Series offers integrated encryption hardware, DSP slots with support for voice and video, intrusion prevention system and optional firewall and other features. The device supports the most popular connection standards in the industry as T1/E1, T3/E3, xDSL, copper pair, and Gigabit Ethernet fibrta.Apart from the flexibility and scalability of this new platform, the new router has a smart system that allows energy savings progressively activated depending on the traffic needs of every hour of the day.

    Apart from the E-Series 3900 G2, Cisco has also released the new version 6 software for service aggregation routers from Cisco ASR 1000 family. The upgrade enables routers in this family improve data flow and increase safety. ASR 1000 Series now includes the Smart Call Home. As with the new series Switches Catalyst, the router is available from the second quarter.

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    ohmy Re: Best Router Manufacturer


    I just bought a Cisco 3600 router and i would like to set it and connected to a 3 modem for my my university students in a dorm.
    Can you please tell me how to do it.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Best Router Manufacturer

    You can get detailed information about doing that in the router manual. There is a similar router in my office. We have two modem connection. Those two modems are connected to the router through Cisco Integrated V.92 Modem WAN Interface Cards. The connectivity here is simply, but it is essential that you must configure the router settings properly. Apply appropriate security settings and load balancer. You have to take help from any network expert.

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