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    Best CPU Manufacturer

    I am trying to assemble my computer myself. But before i go with the buying of the other parts of the computer. First let me know which is the best CPU in the market so that according to that i can assemble computer of mine. Does any one is having idea about the Best CPU manufacturer. If so then let me know about the same. A help may be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Best CPU Manufacturer

    There are only two biggest manufacturer in the market these day who captured all CPU market. Intel and AMD are two main manufacturer in the CPU manufacturing. But if you ask me then i will advise you to go with the Intel which is the best among all other CPU manufacturer and almost having control over all the market.

    Although nearly a decade, experts in technology, highlighted the innovative capacity of the products of AMD , sales increases are not foreseen for the company, as Intel continues to lead with just over 80% of the market share, while AMD gets only 16% of the total.

    In the last decade, Intel seems to have stuck with minimum innovations in their versions of Pentium 4, but the ruse that remains the market leader is its aggressive sales and marketing. For this new year, Intel will launch new discounts on Pentium D 900 (between 10% and 20%), and Pentium 4 (between 10% and 70%) and Core 2 Duo. The AMD VS INTEL fight will never over.

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    Re: Best CPU Manufacturer

    The company was born a year after Intel in 1969, making it the world's second largest producer of x86-compatible microprocessors and one of the largest manufacturers of GPU's, chipsets and other semiconductor devices.

    Currently the company through the restructuring process, initiated in 2006, and launched the first 64-bit processor, winning technology to Intel.

    AMD is a company with a much lower profile than Intel, but has not spent millions on marketing and advertising, is known for "making a commitment to a genuinely useful innovation for customers, putting the real needs of people in the technical development, "according to Jerry Sanders, founder of AMD.

    AMD has long worked in the manufacturing of its chips somewhat in the shadow of the creation of Intel, since copying the microcode of the 8088 and 8086. Since 1986 the agreement for the production and sharing of information on Intel microprocessors broke, giving way to a series of lawsuits in which Intel AMD required to comply with treatment.

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    Re: Best CPU Manufacturer

    Although for many years the "patterned media" under discussion, the physical layout of the solid data points on the windows work with a will. How to get the controls but with the required accuracy, is still an unsolved problem. Japanese researchers have recently proposed for even a antenna.
    Best bay days ago I see the i7 for U.S. $ 300 against U.S. $ 200 for the best AMD X3 series, the best sellers in the chain.

    Few MOBOs (motherboards) for X3 DDR3 support (the RAM that outlines key) but no, the problem is that AMD X3 the "degraded" double channel.
    With its triple channel DDR3 look a "fact" for i7.

    It was already decided by AMD X3, but with this, and thinking about setting up a new PC that has some shelf life, it seems more accurate Intel i7. Should perhaps wait for a little more mature offerings and meet the next moves. Well, hopefully a better response to AMD's DDR3.

    AMD Phenom X4 965 II

    • It has a quad-core CPU and a 3.4GHz processor speed.
    • 4-core high-performance processing
    • 64-bit platform
    • Supports Hyper Transport Technology and Virtualization technology.
    • Cache 4 x 512KB L2 and L3 cache of 6MB
    • Supports socket AM3
    • $ 200

    Intel Core i7-920

    • It has a 2.66GHz processor speed and rate of 4.8GT / s QPI.
    • 4-core high-performance processing
    • Intel Smart Cache 8MB
    • With 1366 slot FCLGA
    • $ 300

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    Re: Best CPU Manufacturer

    Intel in 2006 brought the Core architecture on the market (based on the successful Pentium M). This was successful, as low power, low TDP and high-performance per MHz. At that time, current Core 2 Duo processors about 30% faster than the same clocked Athlon 64 X2 CPUs.

    In 2008, Intel now has the Core i7 processors have flooded the market, which again have some basic improvements over the Core 2. So Intel has developed since the disaster was P4-2 completely new architecture and AMD's "only improved on and on".

    AMD's Quad Core Phenom came promptly (I) on the market. This was the first native quad-core processor (Intel Core 2 Dual CPUs simply welded to a die). In addition, the Phenom half a year came too late (Intel Core 2 Quad was the end of 2007).

    Also bad was that AMD had problems with the 65nm process and with that came the Phenom (I) simply does not go beyond 3.0 GHz.

    The second is also the fact that Intel is a much larger company and, accordingly, may invest more money in research than AMD.

    AMD processors: They drive the power into the air and thus the heat dissipation (TDP), which are of course behind.

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