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Thread: Fifa 10 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

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    Fifa 10 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

    Now with the release of both Fifa 10 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, which among these two games you liked the most and why? Accordingly, I have played both games and the graphical level in Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 was too good as compared to Fifa 10. On the other hand, Fifa 10 offers lots of features that is missed by the konami developer for PES 2010, specially, various licenses offered for different leagues, 360 degree dribbling and many more. You can also read the review and compare both games from here: FIFA 10 Review and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 vs. FIFA 10 Review. I think the credit here goes for Fifa 10 but you are always welcome to share your gestures.

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    Re: Fifa 10 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

    I have played PES in the past too and for me it is one the best soccer game ever, where else Fifa just outputs in its various dribbling style and nothing unusual that i can see.

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    Re: Fifa 10 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

    If you can read out through different discussions boards than you will come to know that PES is the most fav and 75 % dominated game by all football game playing lovers. Fifa is a new outcome of a soccer game which is yet not popularly known or played in many regions yet.

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    Re: Fifa 10 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

    One of the best soccer games of this year is no doubt PES 2010 cause it is better in graphics and better in gameplay as well, the players tend to attack and fight for the position, a smart game made by konami that I highly value.
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    ThumbsUp Fifa 10 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

    Yeah i have played this game.This game is as good as i saw in the game trailer.The penalties are awesome...its is very easy to play in Wii compared to PC.Soccer 2010 Rockss!!!!]
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