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Thread: Which is the Best IE based browser ?

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    Which is the Best IE based browser ?


    I'm using the Maxthon browser, its uses the IE engine. Its really light and fast. I use it instead of IE because of multitab browsing and i'm not finding IE7 and IE8 are much good. I was wondering if something more better than maxthon available? i know about firefox but i don't like it. I'd like to try an IE engine-based browser to compare it with Firefox. Which is the best among all IE engine-based web browsers? Please post your opinion.

    Some of the most popular i know are:

    • GreenBrowser
    • Maxthon
    • Firefox
    • Avant Browser
    • Slimbrowser
    • Mosaic
    • Deepnet Explorer
    • NetCaptor
    • iNetAdviser

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    Re: Which is the Best IE based browser ?

    Firefox rocks... It is the best browser, and it can use IE engine with IE-Tab plugin installed. This browser can do so much more then just browsing... Firefox is also known as a browser of Hackers!

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    Re: Which is the Best IE based browser ?

    I'll say stay with Maxthon, its best among all , if you don't like firefox. There are many more options are available 15 Alternative Web Browsers . You can consider Avant Browser also. Which is the best recommend internet browser

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    Re: Which is the Best IE based browser ?

    Why you only want IE based? there are many best options available then IE, i'll say you should try Opera, i find it more fast and with far more options then IE and maxthon etc. From the above options no doubt firefox is best.

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    Re: Which is the Best IE based browser ?

    The most popular IE-based browser, from what I can tell, is Maxthon, which used to be called MyIE. His development was called MyIE. Following in the footsteps of NetCaptor, released a year earlier, the first version of MyIE included tabbed-browsing. I base this opinion on the sheer number of emails I've received from MyIE users.

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    Re: Which is the Best IE based browser ?

    Chrome is quite good you should try it.
    It's super speed.

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    Re: Which is the Best IE based browser ?

    Chrome is THE fastes browser of all times.
    Google Chrome!!!

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