Poll: Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Linux vs. Mac OS X

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Thread: Compare Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Linux vs. Mac OS X

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    Compare Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Linux vs. Mac OS X

    What do you all people think which is the best Operating System so far, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux or Mac OS X. Now with the arrival of Windows 7, will you all shift gears towards Windows 7.

    Some key features for all the Operating System are as follows:

    Windows 7 Features:
    • There will be a OSX-like dock, though how OS X-like is yet to be seen.
    • Multi-touch gestures in photogalleries like two-finger zoom, flicking, and panning. Think of the photo app on the Microsoft Surface table.
    • Multi-touch paint program where you can draw with 10 fingers (again, think of what you've already seen in Surface)
    • Multi-touch piano app
    • In-depth mapping application that pulls from Microsoft's Live Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth

    Windows Vista Features:
    • The new Ease of Access Center to help you find the settings and tools that make it easier for you to see, hear, and use your computer.
    • Improved magnification capabilities in Microsoft Magnifier.
    • Improved text-to-speech capabilities in Microsoft Narrator.
    • The new Speech Recognition experience that lets you interact with your computer by voice.

    More Windows Vista Features here.

    Windows XP Features:
    • Enjoy Music & Video with Windows Media Player
    • Explore Digital Photography with Windows XP
    • Learn more about Gaming with Windows XP.
    • Create Home Movies with Windows Movie Maker.
    • Find out more about Windows XP Professional operating system.
    • Learn about the ultimate Photo, Music, & Movie Pack for XP
    • Protect Your new Computer.

    And so on, so Please make your Votes.

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    Mac OS X

    Mac OS X

    Mac OS X's core is a POSIX compliant operating system (OS) built on top of the XNU kernel, with standard Unix facilities available from the command line interface. Apple released this set of software as a free and open source operating system named Darwin. On top of Darwin, Apple layered a number of components, including the Aqua interface and the Finder, to complete the GUI-based operating system which is Mac OS X.

    Mac OS X introduced a number of new capabilities to provide a more stable and reliable platform than its predecessor, Mac OS 9. For example, pre-emptive multitasking and memory protection improved the system's ability to run multiple applications simultaneously without them interrupting or corrupting each other. Many aspects of Mac OS X's architecture are derived from Openstep, which was designed to be portable—to ease the transition from one platform to another. For example, Nextstep was ported from the original 68k-based NeXT workstations to x86 and other architectures before NeXT was purchased by Apple, and OpenStep was later ported to the PowerPC architecture as part of the Rhapsody project.

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    I was a Ubuntu Linux Fan, untill Windows 7 arrived! i've used all the operating systems, but the best and the fastest was Ubuntu 8.10. Windows 7 is awesome! it is faster then Vista, imagine a beta version is almost bugless [very less bugs] what would be the retail version be like? Hey keep coming with such polls...! thanks!

    will mostly prefer windows XP because i am using this last 2 years and I have absolutely no problem with it, but i will try using Windows 7,let me have look at each one of compitability.

    Windows XP was good specially after the service pack 3 was out, but its old now... Its time for Windows 7. I have been using Windows 7 RC since its release as a standalone OS in my computer without a single problem...

    Windows XP is a mobile office. Be comfortable. Don't look for other versions.

    i voted Windows XP. Its simply microsofts best operating system.

    Windows 7 is ok, but i still much prefer XP.

    I think Windows 7 and Mac OS X are better than all of the following because they are faster, secure and both have great designs.

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    Re: Compare Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Linux vs. Mac OS X

    Well according to me in windows operating systems Xp pro rocks man!
    I don't know much about mac os but i have heard a lot about mac operating system.
    Linux is open source so its always good to have such operating system unless you are ready to learn some commands too.
    But for me windows is cool simple & easy to use.

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    Re: Compare Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Linux vs. Mac OS X

    My support is for Linux & Mac OS X. And still more inclined towards Linux

    MacOS X and Linux are both great operating systems and excellent web servers. They both come with Apache pre-installed, and can run a wide variety of open source scripting languages and databases. Both have common unix commands such as vi, top, ps, ls, etc. They both can be manipulated fairly easily with a command line interface, and with a graphical user interface(GUI).

    Linux's biggest strong point is it's free price tag. It also supports more older PowerPC hardware than MacOS X. Linux runs on more other hardware platforms and processors.
    God is REAL... unless declared an INTEGER

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    Vista sucks memory and processor to take your PC to ancient old age
    XP gud

    XP is working fine new windows always have Some bugs which make troubles

    yes iam also agreeing with ur commands

    I love Windos Xp its easy to use, get help easily and is compatible to all especially for games.

    Ubuntu linux is better than all other OS, I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 and (winXP) using with virtual machine with all future in ubuntu, Cool try it u'r all like it

    XP runs the show at the mo.
    Vista's crap,Windows 7 in time will be the new XP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaMe FacToR View Post
    I was a Ubuntu Linux Fan, untill Windows 7 arrived! i've used all the operating systems, but the best and the fastest was Ubuntu 8.10. Windows 7 is awesome! it is faster then Vista, imagine a beta version is almost bugless [very less bugs] what would be the retail version be like? Hey keep coming with such polls...! thanks!
    I agree with you buddy. I was also using XP pro and ubuntu till I got Win 7. It is just fine. Earlier versions were with some bugs but the latest 7000 build has most of the bugs fixed. The most irritating bug in the old versions of Win 7 are in the explorer itself. Now it has been fixed and is running smooth. Awesome OS from MS.

    NO it isn't
    Some problems for Windows 7 is the lack of compatible programs
    Mac OS is also good.
    But still Windows XP Professional is still the best Worldwide use.
    It contains the most number of compatible program
    Windows Vista really sucks
    thats why about 1 year after its release it released windows 7

    My vote is going to Windows XP

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    Re: Compare Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Linux vs. Mac OS X

    Windows XP got pretty good after SP2 (SP3 didn't do that much IMO), and it was pretty stable for a Windows OS.

    Windows Vista, was IMO far too unfinished when it arrived. SP1 made it more stable, but it's still slow and buggy. Nevetheless, as a gamer i'm pretty much forced to run Vista, since i love the directx 10 eyecandy .

    I've tried Windows 7 when it was in Beta stage as a secondary OS. Even for a beta it was remarkably stable and fast. I've heard good things about the RC version, which as it is and as it seems, becomes the RTM version. Right now I'm sitting, nervous as hell, hoping Microsoft don't mess up Win 7 before release.

    As for OSX, i've only had a few short moments with it. IMO, it's stable and polished, but almost nothing good can run on the darn thing, that especially goes for games. I dunno if WINE has been ported to it though.

    But my favourite goes to Gentoo Linux, which is pretty much the embodyment of what I want an OS to be. Yes, Gentoo is hard to install, AND it takes a long time to install. But in the end, you can tweak it and customize it as much as a few hundred pots of play-doh. With WINE, I can still run most of my Windows games in my own customized OS.

    What bothers me, is that Windows and OSX is too obsessed with branding that they disable any themes beside their own (at least there's uxtheme patches, but those still cause problems). XP, Vista and 7 don't have any good standard themes built-in and it discourages customization. That is IMO the biggest handicap of non-linux commercial OSes.

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    Re: Compare Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Linux vs. Mac OS X

    Even though I use MS-Windows each and every day, I prefer the UNIX type operating systems. UNIX/Linux is much more stable than Windows will ever be. Because Micro$oft is releasing a new OS (Windows 7) right after Vista, I will be switching to Mac OS X. I will even switch to Linux, however, it must have a good UI and apps. Everytime Micro$oft comes out with a new system, you either have to purchase a new system or upgrade the hardware. I don't see that with Mac OS X and Linux. Also, I see that the Mac uses the same hardware as a PC, so it should be able to play games: Sims 2/3, Unreal Tournament, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, etc. Even though Windows can run on the Mac, I will not do that - Viruses!!!

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    My support is for Linux & window XP.
    The reason being the good graphical user interface of window XP and open source system of linux..
    XP and Linux both are great operating systems...

    I think it's got to be either Windows XP or Linux. Windows 7 is too complex. Windows XP works brilliantly. Linux is open source and I think it works brilliantly. Win XP and Linux, effective operating systems. Linux comes with a lot of the software you need, is secure and stable.

    XP has been tried and tested for so many years. Windows 7 isn't even got its forst bday (released to market) so its not fair to compare. Having said that, I think 7 will be better than XP.

    Yeah, I think I have to agree that XP has seen better days. I have been on this Vista machine for awhile and really have had no problems except a couple of times it didn't have any umph (memory). I can undstand the frustration there. Just waiting a bit longer for 7 to be really bug free...then I will make switch.

    Xp pro was great. But...I actually like Win 7 better! It works well and i have had no issues with drivers or OS problems. It's a very stable OS.

    Windows 7 is THE best!!

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    how could Windows 7 be better than XP of course its better than Vista

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    Re: Compare Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Linux vs. Mac OS X

    Mine will go to XP here too

    From my opinion the most stable and easiest OS that's been tested for a long time. I've seen many reviews were people been spoken of how much faster Windows 7 has come to be compared with XP and I want to say that's imagination because W7 is bloated with eyecandy and equiped with lot of extra services and so on that it can't be true if make a real comparison in how much power the OS need from the machine as well how much time that is saved when make daily usual tasks. I think much of the popularity of W7 comes from the impression of the GUI and users buying that as an answer that Microsoft has made incredible improvements since XP.
    So why can't users still not copy a simple textline several times and have it all saved in the clipboard?
    It still only remember the last item and nothing else
    There's many old lack of improvements that still is alive in W7 that should been sorted out long ago. For instance take Explorer, is it really a good file manager when it can't split the workfield in two screens?
    Even Linux has this feature but Windows 7 doesn't.
    How much can we expect from Windows 8?
    I have a few doubts that MS will meet difficulties if trying to regain the market with a new OS that become as popular as XP was taken when it became released and MS was almost alone and Internet was small.
    The Hello world doesn't look that way anymore.
    Think Linux will become an even more universal and attractive OS in future, it only need some improvements and cleanup in look and feel more professional.

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    star Re: Compare Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows XP vs. Linux vs. Mac OS X

    I Started with Microsft from Windows 3.11 for Workgroups!! I know, ancient now The best OS so far has been XP.....that is until Win7 which still uses WinXP drivers if needed, much faster loading, better security and so I am an avid WinXP Fan who is being swayed towards Win7 ... Having said that, Unix and Step-7 still dominate the commercial/industrial market which MS have yet to make a play for!! They have the power and money to get into the PLC field, just like their Windows Embedded solutions, I think they can do much better and totally integrate from home to office to industry in one application. Thats my view, since that kinda business approach and all-in-one app would save me so much time and travel

    Sorry if I went off topic, but it's good to get the ideas out when they manifest themselves

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