View Poll Results: who got the Most Impacted through the Google Browser ?

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  • Microsoft <-

    13 65.00%
  • Mozilla Firefox

    7 35.00%
  • Opera

    0 0%
  • Apple's Safari

    0 0%
  • Others

    0 0%
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Thread: Who got the Most Impact through the Google Browser ?

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    Who got the Most Impact through the Google Browser ?

    who got the Most Impact through the Google Browser ?
    Chrome: Google's Open Source Browser

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    Well i think Mircosoft coz, Google is only the company who can compete Mircosoft. and other all companies they even stand in the row competitions
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    Microsoft f'cos, there is no reason why it shouldn't

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    Mozilla Not Worried About Google Browser

    Quote Originally Posted by need Tos View Post
    In response to today’s news that Google is releasing its own browser, code-named Chrome, CEO of Mozilla Corp., the folks behind the fast-growing Firefox browser. My intention was to find out what Lilly thought about this development, especially since Mozilla has been viewed as close personal partner of Google’s.

    The open-source browser maker depends heavily on a lucrative financial deal it has signed with the search company. The pair recently renewed the deal to last through 2011. Was Lilly worried about yet another browser in the market?
    so there is no point to add mozilla in the poll .

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    Obviously Microsoft !!!

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    It has to be Microsoft only!
    Cause all other browsers are already in competition with Microsoft now its google to give them company!

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