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Thread: Blue Screen of Death goes after instaling Geforce 175.16 beta driver

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    Blue Screen of Death goes after instaling Geforce 175.16 beta driver

    Yesterday I was testing my E8400 overclocked to 4.0ghz on my P7N Diamond and I just took the hard drive having Vista 32 installed on it and used that. It worked fine. Suddenly, I figured out to reinstall Vista. I searched a lot for the latest drivers and found 175.16 drivers. But as soon as I installed it I got messed up.

    I uninstalled the 175.16 drivers and reinstalled my previous driver and everything was ok. I'm sure that video drivers can cause BSOD during overclock testing.

    Can any one help me?

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    Theres no much difference in terms of patch or any extra additions in the lower series cards and their newer versions. After 170.XX cards nothing much has been changed except the support for the newer versions. Upgrading to these never drivers many times creates problems if the support for those cards is not inbuilt.

    The change that has caused after 170.XX series is only the support viz 9800GX2 and 9800GTX. Nothing else. I will advice you to go to the Nvidia's official site and search the drivers that will be best suited to yours. Its a great option which worked wonderfully fo myself.

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    169.25 drivers don't work on my SLI config. I am not talking about 3DMARK Vantage: the two GPU demos are full of artifacts.
    175.16 drivers (beta) works for my SLI config, 3DMark vantage ok, but freeze with Dirt or with TDU after a few minutes of play...
    Whereas forceware drivers don't work with Rivatuner

    You must always choose between stability and performance but not both

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    Running 169.44 beta drivers worked very well for me for my 32 bit XP. No problems will be there if you try to run this driver in your 64 bit vista by making it stable at 32 bit Vista or XP, I bet.

    I have that driver. If you want it, I can send it to you through email.

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