So ive been having this problem ive narrowed it down to directx/3d, on the desktop display all the icons, plus command buttons and the title bar buttons have little green pixels on them in a grid layout, when i start a game all the graphics have obnoxious dots all over them, ive noticed that if i disable hardware acceleration to the point that direct3d doesnt start the dots on the icons and everywhere else on the desktop go away, but obviously i cannot play games without direct3d the pc is an Intel pentium 2.8 HT that is for some reason running at a solid 1.4 unsure of board, can look tho, and a visiontek 9600 SE 128 MB DDR you can see the dots in the pics, may have to zoom in but they are definitely there, anyhelp would be asolutely Wonderful, ive been trying to figure it out for a week at least,
Side note, read the troubleshooting in the screenshot, it actually says if you cant see anything restart in safe mode lol thanks microsoft!