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Thread: temperature at sidebar for windows Vista 64

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    temperature at sidebar for windows Vista 64

    As the name denotes, I am searching for the temperature sidebar widgets of some of the mobo, monitors, CPU, etc. But i am unable to find any satisfying results from search engines. I also looked in some of the manuals, but not found much information. Do anybody know if such temperature sidebar widgets exists for these products for Vista 64?
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    Well, as far as I know, when a full version of Everest is purchased, then some of these widgets can be sought.

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    What I was looking for is a TAT readable temperature sidebar and also it ll be better if that can be run through system tray. This ll make it run like coretemp which ll be running seperately with disturbance for a long time. I tried testing TAT for my system but it shows more temps sa around 6 C or still warmer sometimes. Even more than coretemp or speedfan.

    Thats why I will advice you to use design tool by of Asus or Intel.

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