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Old 28-08-2014
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Intel i7-4790K overclocking with Software or within BIOS

I am looking to overclock my computer but I want to know whether it will be fine to overclock my Intel i7-4790K CPU from BIOS or from any other software that came within the motherboard box? Is there any major difference between the 2 modes of overclocking. I have read that overclocking with software usually wastes more Power so it is always recommended to use BIOS. I just want to know the advantage and disadvantage of using both the method for overclocking. Thanks
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Old 30-08-2014
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Re: Intel i7-4790K overclocking with Software or within BIOS

You can easily try to overclock your Intel i7-4790K processor from the BIOS and get it upto 5ghz as well. But this will create a lot of overheating of the processor, so you will also need to fix a good CPU cooler to cool down the CPU. Normally, even if you consider overclocking your CPU by any software of from within the BIOS, the main disadvantage is that this process reduces the life span of the processor but still will give you maximum benefits and great performance while playing games or doing any heavy usage work on your computer.
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Old 01-09-2014
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Re: Intel i7-4790K overclocking with Software or within BIOS

Could you please tell us which motherboard model are you using and if there are any CPU coolers installed as well? There are many software that you can use for overclocking and it usually reduces the manual clocking steps performed by you. Some softwares like Real Temp can be also used to monitor the temperature of your system, if anything is high then you know what to do. You can also use Intel Burn Test for short stress tests to check if the overclocking is stable.
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Old 02-09-2014
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Re: Intel i7-4790K overclocking with Software or within BIOS

If you are still thinking about overclocking your CPU then the best spot is to check if the temperaure is not going higher than 85C incase you are using the computer on 1.3v. I would also not recommend you to go with 90C even though it will not kil your chip. I am getting more than 65C at 4.6ghz along with voltage of 1.2v. When I bought the Noctua NH D14 cooler then I was able to get 5ghz at 1.31v. This temperature are also quite decent if the ambient is 20 to25 degree celcius.
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