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Old 13-02-2014
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Intel Core i7-4820K overclocking help

I am using a Asus x79 Pro motherboard with Intel Core i7-4820K processor. I dont have enough experience with overclocking and was thinking if anyone can assist me by giving some expert suggestion here for a stable overclocking. What settings and timings are to be properly used for getting a proper stable clock? What settings I need to adjust, please suggest. Thanks
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Old 14-02-2014
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Re: Intel Core i7-4820K overclocking help

You will need to raise the Vcore to maybe 1.25 and use the Prime95 for any help. You must also use Manual mode instead of Offset mode for this time so that the target voltage can be locked down that you need. Incase you want to use Offset after that then you can work backwars the target voltage. Also try to lower your overclocking to 4.2 from 4.5 to get an idea of how much voltage requirement rises with the settings that you have applied.
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Old 15-02-2014
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Re: Intel Core i7-4820K overclocking help

First of all you need to set the usual 1.45 volts and then slowly increase the multiplier. After that run the Prime95 software and check the clock frequency on how much it is working and is stable at. I would say dont go above 4.7ghz or 4.8ghz clock rate if you dont have enough cooling requirement in your pc. This is the best clock rates on which you can run the pc on stable.
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Old 17-02-2014
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Re: Intel Core i7-4820K overclocking help

The fact is that Intel is directly competing the Core i7 4820K with the Core i7 3770K and 4770K processor. Although the overclocking results of 4820K processor is a slightly slower but still it is a more advanced processor with 2 advantages. With this processor you get a quad channel memory compatibility. Also using multiple graphics cards can favor this processor since the x70 chipset has 40 pcie 3.0 generation lanes.
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