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Thread: Is there any option to overclock tabletís CPU?

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    Is there any option to overclock tabletís CPU?

    I have been using a Micromax Funbook tablet from past 3 months. After this use, I think that I will need to have it overclocked for much better performance. It plays the high definition games well, but at some point it lags a bit. I think overclocking the CPU of my tablet will solve this problem I will be able to play the high level games easily. I have heard of overclocking CPU in computer and laptop but never heard of performing it on CPU of tablet PC. Is it possible to overclock the CPU of the tablet? If yes, then how is to be done?

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    Re: Is there any option to overclock tabletís CPU?

    Yes, it is possible to overclock the CPU of the tablet PCs for better performance. At present there are very few apps that need power CPU to operate. But many high definition games are available that need to use CPU for better performance. Running high definition games in an overclocked tablet means a smooth performance without any lags that cause forced slow motions in game when not needed. Also the games will start loading faster. As you have knowledge about overclocking of computerís CPU, you must also know the effects of improper overclocking. If you do overclocking such that the values run out of the designed restrictions of the tablet, it might cause component stress, excessive heat, rapid battery depletion and instability in unrelated programs. So you have to be careful even when overclocking the CPU of the tablets.

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    Re: Is there any option to overclock tabletís CPU?

    Since overclocking of tablets is yet not much developed and not many people know. So chances are that you might not get many details about overclocking process. If you just type the name of the processor of your computer, you will get lots of posts regarding its proper overclocking. But this is not the case in tablet PC. So I suggest that if you are planning on overclocking, then use a tablet that is old and you are keen on replacing. At least if anything goes wrong, you wonít regret the loss. I did overclocking on my old Android based ebook reader. The default power of CPU was of 0.8 GHz. After overclocking the processorís power reached up to 1 GHz. It is now enough to play basic games like Angry Birds Space.

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    Re: Is there any option to overclock tabletís CPU?

    The first thing that you need to learn before overclocking an CPU of the tablet is to force shutdown the tablet. This will be helpful if the overclocking goes wrong and you notice any instability in the working of the tablet. The tablet which I am using can be forced shutdown by pressing Volume Up button and Home button simultaneously to perform force shutdown. You will then need to find the proper tool that will help you to overclock the CPU. Some tablets will provide you option to directly overclock the performance by altering the settings they have. For example, I once worked on a tablet with 1 GHz processor. In settings under the performance section, it provided option to raise its capacity up to 1.2 GHz. But on 1.2 GHz processing speed the tablet froze and I had to settle down on 1.1 GHz.

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    Re: Is there any option to overclock tabletís CPU?

    I suggest that you should use Nook Color Tweaks app which is available on the Google Play for download. This app will help you to overclock your tablet successfully as it encourages user to take baby steps rather than direct big steps. This app will let you to keep a look on the voltage that is being increased. It also provides a good control over the voltage that the CPU of the tablet is consuming. I used Nook Color Tweaks app on my tablet which had processor of speed 1.1 GHz. After overclocking, the most stable value at which the processor worked properly was 1.35 GHz. It also keeps a look on temperature of the tablet so that the tablet does not overheat. I can now play high definition games like GTA III on my tablet easily without any issue of lagging or slow loading.

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