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Thread: System Idle Process runs at 50% or 63%

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    System Idle Process runs at 50% or 63%

    I recently purchased Gateway p-6860fx and started working on it. When working, if I need to keep the laptop idle, I notice that in task manger, the processes that have been started by the system remain idle; they just consume 5% to 10% total process space available. But as compared to this, the processes started by the users, which are text editor, web browser or any other process, it takes 60% to 70% of the process space. I try to reduce the priority give to these processes, but they still keep consuming large processing power. I am using Windows 7 as my operating system and RAM of 4 GB. Can somebody tell me if this is proper or any problem with my system?

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    Re: System Idle Process runs at 50% or 63%

    There can be many reasons for such problems to occur and one reason that I think must be that some virus or third party program must be causing it. The virus or malware that is causing this problem must be reserving some amount of processorís space and must not be releasing it. Maybe some software that you have installed in your computer must be reserving large amount of processor space even when not needed or must be failing to release the reserved processor space after its purpose is fulfilled. Also having many programs running at startup must be causing this problem. I suggest you to uninstall every such program that you donít use. This might reduce this problem. Many times it happens that a person needs to perform some task and for that task, he/she downloads third party software from internet. This third party software suffers from problem of memory leak and thus causes these problems. If you have any software that you rarely use, then remove them too. Another reason must be that, some software must be updating themselves with unwanted upgrades, stop them as the new updates must be consuming large processor space.

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    Re: System Idle Process runs at 50% or 63%

    Iíd say that you must get a new anti-virus for your laptop. If you havení installed any anti-virus than this some virus or worm must have attacked your systems. Find an anti-virus that will provide best security against viruses and worms. Also it must provide a good security against the malwares and Trojans. Once you have found the perfect anti-virus for your laptop, scan your laptop using it and eliminate all the viruses, Trojans and malicious softwares present in your laptop. If this doesnít help, try repairing the operating system or reinstalling the drivers. Download the drivers from official website of Gateway. If you say that softwares like web browser are consuming a large amount of processing power, than try out cleaning the cookies, history and the temp files from your computer.

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