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Thread: How to overclock nVidia GeForce 6150SE

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    How to overclock nVidia GeForce 6150SE

    My system is having nVidia GeForce 6150SE video card and I am not having any issues with the same but I am willing to overclock it for gaming. I donít have much idea about over-clocking and I am quite new to it. I donít even know if my video card supports overclocking or not. So is there anyone who can help me out with the required steps for overclocking in a bit detail along with the advantage and disadvantage of overclocking??

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    Re: How to overclock nVidia GeForce 6150SE

    As far as I am aware you can overclock your nVidia GeForce 6150SE. To overclock the same you just need to do the below things:
    • First download NVIDIA System Tools utility from NVIDIA website and launch the same.
    • After that Select "GPU" and adjust "Shader Clock", "Core Clock" and "Memory Clock" accordingly for overclocking.
    • Here you have to drag the slider to the right for overclocking where as slider to the left for underclocking.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: How to overclock nVidia GeForce 6150SE

    That was a very short detail for someone new to overclocking. Anyways I will like to inform you that Overclocking is basically a technique for
    Increasing system performance. Mostly people do this for gaming as GPU determines your gaming experience. While gaming Overclocking helps in increasing number of frames rendered per second. You need the below things for carrying out the Overclocking:
    • MSI Afterburner
    • GPU-Z
    • 3D Mark 06 (optional)
    • Quality power supply

    Having a good power supply for overclocking is highly recommended as it provides power to all components. The power consumption of a system gets increased after overclocking and if you don’t have a PSU that can handle the increased load then you there are possibilities that your system will run in to serious issue frying the card as well. You don’t have to worry about the same if you are having a good power supply. Once you are ready with all these things then you can precede with overclocking.

    First Install MSI Afterburner, there are other such application as well and if you want then you can use one of your choice but MSI Afterburner is a recommended one. It is actually the best and easiest application for one who is new to overclocking. so after installing MSI Afterburner launch the same and there will be 5 sliders in the main window naming Core Voltage, Core Clock, Shader Clock, Memory Clock, and Fan Speed. There are possibilities that you might not be having all the 5 sliders as they vary according to the card. Just for e.g. AMD/ATI card do not have Shader Clock slider. Anyways before adjusting them you need to adjust the Fan Speed, so make sure you are setting it to 80%. You can select auto button if the slider is appearing grayed.

    When you are done with the same then you can Increase Core Clock, just make sure that you are increasing the core clock by 10MHz. you should also have GPU-Z to cross check if overclocking is making any difference or not. You need to test out the GPU for stability, so select K icon Afterburner and then you will get MSI Kombustor. When MSI Kombustor gets displayed then you won’t be able to see the GPU temperature but you don’t have to worry about it as pressing T on keyboard will bring up the temperature graph. You should be aware of the maximum temperature that your card can handle, you can know that from its specification. You can proceed increasing the Core by 10MHz until you get artifacts. The moment you get artifacts just decrease Core by 10MHz and see if your graphic card is stable or not.

    Once you are sure that the card is stable then you can do the same for Core Voltage, Shader Clock and Memory Clock and make sure that your card is passing the stress test successfully. When you are sure that you have set Core Voltage, Core Clock, Shader Clock, Memory Clock, and Fan Speed to max and your card is still stable then you can test your card by playing games for a couple of hours to make sure if you have done it successfully.

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