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Old 30-05-2012
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Overclocking help for Core i5 2500k to 4.4GHz on Asus Maximus IV

Hope my title itself explains what I need. Actually I have bought this Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z motherboard recently and after installing this board the first thing I need to do is to overclock my i5 Core 2500k processor. There are certain things that I need to make sure during the procedure among them. The most important one is that I need to overclock my processor to only 4.4ghz. Expecting the complete procedure of overclocking the i5 2500k with Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z.
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Old 30-05-2012
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Re: Overclocking help for Core i5 2500k to 4.4GHz on Asus Maximus IV

As far as I know, not just Maximus IV GENE-Z but also other Asus boards like P67, Z68, Sabertooth P67 shares the same procedure of overclocking. Anyways without wasting the time I will help you out with i5 core 2500k overclocking but in UEFI BIOS. I only know to overclock in an UEFI BIOS so therefore if you prefer this only then follow the steps:
  • The first things you need to do is Press Del while starting the system and then go to the BIOS at the time of POST sequence. Once you press Del you will automatically enter the BIOS so do not worry about it.
  • Now first you have to deal with the Default settings so therefore enter the Default Setting by selecting it and then Enter
  • Doesn?t matter you use mouse of keyboard for the navigation. anyways Into the default setting now you need to input your CPU temperature. After entering the temperature navigate to the monitor heading and then get down towards the temp. now you will be displayed with a list of temperatures, just select all those temperature displayed to you. Now navigate towards the extreme corner Tab and then make the following changes exactly as I mention: BCLK/PEG Frequency ? 100, Turbo Ratio: 44 & Memory Frequency ? Auto.
  • You can also select the Memory Frequency as XMP but only if it?s available into your option box
  • Now if in case you have selected the Memory Frequency as XMP then you will not have to take any affords in changing the DRAM timing. And if not XMP then you can simply leave the DRAM settings as either Auto or Manual and also make sure that you compulsorily change or set the initial 5 settings with the values that you find onto your DDR3 Ram module.
Note:- for Sandy Bridge boards, DDR3 modules rated at 1.8V are nowhere suitable for it and also 1.65V comes under the same level but somehow they are at least quite acceptable. The best thing to be suggested is to either stay with 1.5V or go below which would be fair enough.

Now after making all the necessary changes in the setting you need to adjust the Voltage (mandatory), for doing this you need to get down to the voltage and then set the following things as I mention:
  • Firstly make sure that the CPU voltage is set to Manual and the CPU Manual Voltage is set to 1.250. now while setting the CPU manual Voltage remember that if you aren?t able to set the assigned vaule directly then you can also try setting it by simply pressing the + sign from your keyboard. This will increment the value in the active pane, keep pressing until you reach at 1.250. once reached leave the button
  • Now set the DRAM Voltage, this Voltage value should be set as according to your DDR3 set of RAM. Over there you will find the suggested voltage.
  • That?s it you need not have to change any other values, at least not for now. You have done almost 90% of your job. Now simply press F10 then hit the Yes option and then Exit. Your machine will now reboot and get into the normal OS. There are chances that your machine during this point of time may reboot again and again several times. Just allow as much as reboot your motherboard wants (do not interrupt or shut down the system believing that something went wrong).
Additionally you can get certain external application that might help you in maintaining your system well by letting you know status of your certain component of you machine and so on. The best one I can suggest you is AI Suite II. As the name itself says that it?s a Suite in which can get several programs like CPU frequency checking, then hardware monitoring, and also checking other temp and fan speed status. If required you can download it from the product page itself.
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Old 30-05-2012
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Re: Overclocking help for Core i5 2500k to 4.4GHz on Asus Maximus IV

That?s a cool procedure I must say but I think overclocking your processor in the UEFI BIOS also gives you another responsibility of checking whether you have the latest UEFI BIOS or not. This is something which according to me is one of the most important points that is to be noted down before you perform the overclocking. However checking the version of the UEFI BIOS is not as complicated as you must be thinking. In case if you do not have or you are worried about how to get this BIOS then I am here to help you with the steps:
  • For checking the UEFI BIOS version the best thing to be done is visit our motherboard?s respective product page. As you have mentioned in your post that you have Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z, so therefore you will have to visit Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z product page.
  • Over there into the Product page definitely you will find the Download Tab at the top of all the Tabs. Just click on that Tab and then download the latest version of it. I am not sure but I think 0902 BIOS is the current latest one existing over there. Anyways what so ever the latest version it just get it.
  • Now after downloading make sure that you only copy the BIOS file to the FAT or FAT32 format into your USB drive. Note that you do not copy the ZIP (only BIOS file)
  • That?s it, now reboot the system and during the system POST enter the BIOS by pressing Del. Go to the Last Tools Tab and then Select EZ Flash 2 function. Update the BIOS file by selecting it from the USB drive.
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Old 30-05-2012
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Re: Overclocking help for Core i5 2500k to 4.4GHz on Asus Maximus IV

The only thing I have learn with overclocking is that, this is the process that doesn?t come under anyone?s responsibility. Its solely depends upon you about how you overclock, that?s why it is always said that ?perform overclocking at your own risk?. Everyone know that overclocking is one of the riskiest task that a person performs so therefore considering certain factors and point before starting the overclock are very much necessary. Almost all the processor manufacturer especially Asus and intel do not suggest or offers any procedure for overclocking and due to this reason the user perform it under his own risk. Anyways for a safe and successful overclocking here are the things that I take under my consideration before performing the task.
  • When it comes to overclocking everything is has to be checked properly and the one that comes first is Hardware lists. Your hardware should be able to manage and support the level at which you are going to perform the overclock. So better you verify and get the most compatible hardware.
  • The K series intel processors are very much recommended for performing this procedure and most importantly the processor should be unlocked. Unlocked k series processors like Core i5-2500K, i7-2600K and so on are easily able to perform well.
  • With motherboard, ROG boards are best recommended for performing this task. If you are not aware then let me tell you that ROG board are actually meant for overclocking, they can easily handle and maintain overclocked processor.
  • Now here comes the most important thing that you need to take care of: it?s the cooling. Everyone knows that overclocking puts too much of load onto your processor and therefore it heats up the entire system along with the CPU. So keep up a good cooling solution into you machine so that everything stay cool and fine even after a heavy load exerted onto the CPU. I would personally prefer to set my stock cooler at factory default setting as at this setting I think the stock cooler goes well and keep things well and fine.
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