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Thread: How to wipe out Tape Residue from Zalman GS1000 CPU Case

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    How to wipe out Tape Residue from Zalman GS1000 CPU Case

    How to clean the tape residue from cpu case. I had big sticker sticked by the manufacturer on it. I removed and still the part is sticky and looks ugly. I tried to wipe that out with a cloth. But the minor threads stucked on it and the same is no more visible. It looks ugly. I want a complete empty clean surface. What can I do to wipe this out. I tried a number of things here, but that does not work. I am planing to purchase some simple cleaning kit, but I am not sure what to use. It should wipe out the paint or design on cpu case.

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    Re: How to wipe out Tape Residue from Zalman GS1000 CPU Case

    Those sticky stuff is really irritating to remove. You might have heard about spray called as WD-40. This is a commonly found spray used on computer and other electronic stuff to remove dust and get rid of moisture. You can use this to clean the cpu case surface. Buy the same from market and it is really cheap. Another thing that you can try on this is Alcohol. Apply a little bit on the surface and rub with dry cloth. You can do this number of time till you get a entirely clean surface. If this also does not work then you can use Nail Polish Remover also. This is a white liquid which is commonly found in any retail shop. Kerosene is also used for this same purpose. I use Kerosene on my system motherboard to wipe out the dust completely as you cannot use water on it. After it is dried completely I turned it on, or current spark inside can burn the board. So anyhow you are using that on the cpu case so there is nothing to worry much. If you are using WD-40 you will need to apply it for atleast 5 minutes. Then only the sticky adhesive will leave the surface. I had seen my friend using toothpaste on a new grinder he purchased with big sticker on the front side. The adhesive was removed and it was cleaned surface.

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    Re: How to wipe out Tape Residue from Zalman GS1000 CPU Case

    There is a very famous product for this called as Goo Gone. This is a very effective product use to wipe out sticky gum of tape. Also this product is used for many other purpose like wipe out colors, stains, etc from various surface. I will recommend you to use this one time.

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