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Thread: Is laptop cd-dvd rom bay faster than USB?

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    Is laptop cd-dvd rom bay faster than USB?

    I am basically looking for a faster way to install an operating system. I just want to know if i can make a contraption that could allow me to mount a 2.5" SATA/IDE hard disk with XP/VISTA/7 setup files loaded in it in proper bootable way that could start installation itself from that cd/dvd rom bay when I choose to boot from cd/dvd bay.

    Maybe it is a bit confusing but i think cd/dvd bay on a laptop should be faster than a usb because cd/dvd ide bay got loads of pins (and you know sata is already fast) that could probably produce more transfer speeds than a standard usb port.

    Now i needed to be encouraged to start my contraption. If my theory is right i will try to find some laptop cd/dvd ide/sata bay to standard 2.5" ide/sata converter. Then bum! i can get one of my ide or sata drivers for this operation.

    If you still confused about the thing in my mind imagine this. A laptop cd rom with actually a 2.5" hard disk in it. Got that!

    I am looking for your help guys.


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    Re: Is laptop cd-dvd rom bay faster than USB?

    There are less chances in getting a good transfer ratio while fixing a hard drive on CD/DVD bay. It entirely depends on the convertor or adapter you are using. The best thing you can do is use a usb. USB offer you more transfer rate in comparison to what you are doing. If you need more the usb 3.0 is the best. But on old system it is not possible to get usb 3.0 interface via any third party adapter or convertor.

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