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Thread: How to Overclock AMD A8-3520M in HP laptop

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    How to Overclock AMD A8-3520M in HP laptop

    Right now I am using a HP laptop which is based on AMD A8-3520M APU I think. I have heard lot about the performance of this APUs and I assume that they are best enough to provide as much as output I need from this laptop. But still I am looking forward to overclocked it so that I can play some more games and play them smoothly. I also like to do some stuff in a fast and better way. For all I need to overclock this processor. Right now with slightly overclocked it gets around 67c tops and it usually reach at that point when I play games. I would like to overclock it very stable. Does anyone know how to achieve it?

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    Re: How to Overclock AMD A8-3520M in HP laptop

    As far as I know that the that CPUs turbo frequency is 2500 MHz. So it is possible to overclocked at least to that height. It can be achieved likely running 0.2 to 0.3 volts underneath the default volts (1.4125) at the turbo-state. The only problem is about the laptopís cooling system. It should be capable to handle the processor and keep it as cool as possible. Also you will need to monitor the temperatures under stress test or other conditions like running prime95 and furmark. If there is an excellent external laptop cooler, then there wonít be any problem and 3 GHz should be fine. If the temps reach above 80c, then it could be little high. While doing the stress test using the prime95 or Furmark and it returns an error on one of the cores, then it could lead to severe damage and you are right at the limits. If error occurs, it would be better to turn back a little by downgrading voltage or multiplier.

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    Re: How to Overclock AMD A8-3520M in HP laptop

    The AMD wildcard has the unlocked multiplier, offering a more flexible overclocking. You cannot do much for the frequency of the Pentium, however. Fortunately, the frequency of the Radeon HD 6670 can be modified. Given the specific, we assume that the Pentium + Radeon coupled will be able to do better than the AMD APU in video games. But in testing the productivity of the four core 3 GHz should APU would fight two cores at 2.6 GHz Intel CPU, especially in those who make good use of threads. Technically it's not overclocking but you can force it do in any manner but make sure to keep a very close eye on the temps, though. 2.0GHz shouldn't be an issue. But if you go over 2.3GHz, there might be temp hike. These CPU's do surprisingly well at only 2.0GHz.

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    Re: How to Overclock AMD A8-3520M in HP laptop

    The overclocking platform Llano is formalized through the bus frequency only. The motherboard's BIOS that allow you change the multiplier downwards and upwards. To overclock, it is therefore imperative to go through the increased frequency memory. Unfortunately, all other frequencies are indexed on it (GPU, RAM, Northbridge and PCI), which can pose a number of problems. Without increasing the Vcore, A8 3850 achieved frequency of 3.4 GHz (FSB 116 MHz). By increasing the voltage to 1.4V, we get 3.6 GHz stable. 133 MHz seems an ideal frequency for the FSB to avoid the cacophony with the rest of the system, new a priori dividers being used for other frequencies on some motherboards based on AMD (without specifying which). With a 29x multiplier to default, this gives a frequency of 3.86 which was not stable in our tests even amount to 1.5V voltage with air cooling. The A6-3650 was relatively fickle in terms of overclocking, the bus frequency of 133 MHz being the one that allowed us the easier to overclock. The processor was stable as long as the voltage is increased with the default multiplier.

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    Re: How to Overclock AMD A8-3520M in HP laptop

    I assume that you are using the HP Pavilion dv6-6c35dx laptop. It offers the AMD VISION Technology with the Quad-Core A8-3520M Accelerated dual core Processor and it is previously clocked at 1.6 GHz but it can overclock automatically up to 2.5 GHz due to the TurboCore technology. I assume that if you overclock more than this and the temps get High from the normal point, the turbo core technology in the processor automatically downclock the processor to 2.5 GHz in order to save processor from overheating and bring back the computer at stable condition.

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