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Thread: Ivy Bridge and GeForce GTX 680 Watercooling system

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    Ivy Bridge and GeForce GTX 680 Watercooling system

    I am looking forward to build a new computer and want to setup water cooling on it. I have few experiences in building brand new computers from the scratch. I am aware about assembling peripherals in any manner and do some modification if required. I want to install Ivy Bridge CPU. It could be i5-3570 or i7-3770. I will look into their reviews first and then decide. I donít mind of spend extra $100 on hyperthreading and some other things. But I need to get water cooled on the processor and also on the GTX 680 GPU. I am also planning to add one more GTX 680 and run it on SLI mode. So I have to create or configure a system which is capable to handle all those things. In watercooling, the main thing comes with radiator and the pump. I would like to make whole water cooling system as a single loop. I donít know about dual loop and I really donít want to do any kind of modification to the case. So I am thinking about adding 3x120 radiators. Below are some parts which I have selected for watercooling setup:
    • Pump: Swiftech MCP35X
    • CPU Block: XSPC Raystorm
    • GPU Block: EVGA Hydrocopper,
    • Radiator: XSPC RX360

    If you have any suggestions over these parts and about their results, donít forget to reply below this thread.

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    Re: Ivy Bridge and GeForce GTX 680 Watercooling system

    As far as I know that for now a GPU and CPU is currently enough with 360 radiators but for dual GPU or SLI, I donít think that a 360 radiator could handle it and even the XSPC RX. You have to do slight modification to your Cpu case so that you can add a second 240 at the bottom so that it can cool up your another GTX 680 card. Basically you need to concentrate on the TDP for each component and drive them up. For Fan I would highly recommend GT 15's because they are excellent fans based upon my first hand knowledge. They are much quite. Depending on the configuration you might need to do some amount of fitting on the CPU for now or later. Without that it could be real hard to maintain the entire watercooling configuration.

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    Re: Ivy Bridge and GeForce GTX 680 Watercooling system

    You have pretty well configuration but I think still you have to do few changes. I donít think that a single radiator will be enough for your CPU and also for the 2 GPUs. I am on 2x 360 radiators and they have handled everything so far. Tygon is awesome and VERY Flexible, long lasting. It might take quite a bit of space but you will not get any problem with the flow. It is very nice in your system. My look is as follows: Pump> GPU2 > GPU 1> CPU > RAD1 > RAD2 > RES > Back to Pump. One thing you always have to make sure that the 1 x 360 radiator will not the best option if you are opted for an overclocked CPU and high end GPU like the GTX 680 in SLi. You will need more radiator space in order to loop it properly.

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    Re: Ivy Bridge and GeForce GTX 680 Watercooling system

    While NVIDIA has launched its much-anticipated Kepler GPU, EVGA took the opportunity to offer a variant with particularity the liquid cooling system Hydro Cooper. EVGA made strong by announcing the immediate availability of its GeForce GTX 680 Hydro Cooper. As its name suggests, this is a graphics card based on NVIDIA's new GPU Kepler but which embeds a water block Hydro Cooper. According to EVGA, this liquid cooling system reduces by 50% over temperature. As for the card itself, it comes with 5 phases PWM and one PCIe power connector 8/6 pin. As might be expected, the GeForce GTX 680 Hydro Cooper displays input perform better with a base frequency of 1150 MHz, 1215 MHz boost. It is the same for the memory with a gain of 300 MHz for a base frequency of 6300 MHz. The new EVGA card signed is priced at 699.99 dollars. The water block Hydro Cooper, however, can be sold separately at a price of 159.99 dollars as against the other plate.

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    Re: Ivy Bridge and GeForce GTX 680 Watercooling system

    The company Helvetic-Chinese Arctic presented a hybrid cooling system "air-liquid interface" developed specifically for the video card GeForce GTX 680. The system involves the combination of two units that work together: a block liquid-AIO (all-in-one) dedicated to the GPU GK104 and a solution of "dissipating active" for the memory and the VRM section. The block is the classic liquid-AIO full closed circuit composed of a radiator / receiver, 120 mm fan and pump / waterblock, while the heat dissipation from the memories and the power circuitry is assisted by a fan 80 mm silent type mounted in extraction. The card is topped by a plastic cover that acts as a support and a conveyor to the fan. According Arctic this system is able to lower than 26 C the temperature of the GPU compared to the heat sink stock and simultaneously decreases the noise level of operation. Moreover, with respect to the waterblock dedicated Accelerate Hybrid has the advantage of being completely independent of a solution that does not require the presence of additional components for the liquid cooling system.

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    Re: Ivy Bridge and GeForce GTX 680 Watercooling system

    I think you need dual loop setup, and no single loop with 2 pumps in series. Although I really would go for a single loop. CPU and GPU are usually not 100% stress at the same time, i.e. when the CPU 480 is idle can also make use of the cooling of the other radiator. Also a separate GPU block and a CPU block a mouthful of sin. Those pumps may have many more. If you put them in series on the whole setup puts it all works better I think.

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