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Thread: EK FC480 waterblock getting hot

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    EK FC480 waterblock getting hot

    Hello friends, is there anyone having any problem with EK FC480 waterblock, I am getting problem with it, and it is getting hotter. Is there any solution to fix it? I am using GeForce GTX 480 SLI with waterblock and also having a parallel SLI Bridge. I am not able to find it so that i can have a system to bleed and keep it in that way. One more thing which I have seen that whenever I booting system then it working fine but GPU was running a little hot. I think that it is not been bleed out all way and it might be let it do its thing and top GPU temperature reaches more than 90C and below cards are been operating at 40C. So what to do, it is really matter. Please help me out with. Thank you.

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    Re: EK FC480 waterblock getting hot

    I think that problem which you are getting is with top card, if there was problem with waterblock then it might have affect on other cards, so you better get it check. I would suggest that you better try out one method which will temporary solve problem of yours. You just shut down your system and take cards from system, turned them all sideways and it is been really working and also it sure short fixing problem for a while.

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