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Thread: Overclock Nvidia Quadro FX 880m in laptop for better gameplay

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    Overclock Nvidia Quadro FX 880m in laptop for better gameplay

    Currently I am using a laptop which has a Quadro FX 880m. Along with this it also have some good specs like Core i7 820qm, 1.73ghzx4 and 4GB RAM. The only drawback is the Graphics card is not meant or designed for gaming. I donít know anything much about overclocking but somewhere I have read that a buy had managed to overclock the 880m from 550/790/1210(core/mem/shader) to 720/1013/1515. It is even with the Core i5 installed. In my case I tried to do the same using the afterburner/GPUtool/ nVidia control panel but i hit about only 80% of that. If I do over that, the card underclock automatically due to its safety features. Temps are normal. Do you have any kind of suggestions over this?

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    Re: Overclock Nvidia Quadro FX 880m in laptop for better gameplay

    I know that Quadro is somewhat similar to a decent GeForce card. First of all make sure that you have installed latest version driver. If these drivers wonít give you better gaming then try by installing the GeForce driver. I tried the same in my case and the game runs better now. Quadro is only different for only one reason and that is, it concentrates only on Detail apart from performance, drivers. Your laptop has good processor. I have heard that core i7 processors are capable to run most of the new games even with onboard graphics only.

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    Re: Overclock Nvidia Quadro FX 880m in laptop for better gameplay

    Right now I am using ThinkPad W510 which is configured with an i7 720QM and Quadro FX 880m. I donít think that Quadro drivers lacking behind gaming performance. In some situations, I have noticed that the Quadro 880m actually outperforms the GT 330m. So far I have achieved safe overclock to 675/900/1485. More than this, the temps started raising high. But I assume that some can able to overclock more than this if their computer has a good cooling system. No matter how it is, this GPU provides a playable framerates for almost all games. So donít worry about much of overclocking things.

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    Re: Overclock Nvidia Quadro FX 880m in laptop for better gameplay

    As far as I know that your laptop is only meant for 3D Rending/Scanning and for that reason only the manufacturer has given it a necessary requirement like processing power, fast read and write and a average videocard. I donít know the exact reason for this but surely this is not a gaming laptop at all. i can say that 880m will be better but not significantly better. The 3D scores seem good for all purpose but this card is optimized as much as their "normal" counterparts. You can get a slight performance hit but it doesnít mean that you can run any game over this.

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    Re: Overclock Nvidia Quadro FX 880m in laptop for better gameplay

    In my experience I can say that this graphics card is capable to handle the games decently but no all the extreme games. This card can render the same thing. Most of the gaming cards are designed to render which is already designed or created but the Quadro is designed to create and to simplify things. It cannot do anything complex than that.

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    Re: Overclock Nvidia Quadro FX 880m in laptop for better gameplay

    Here is what you should know about the Quadro FX 880M professional graphics chip. This GPU offers superb performance for mobile workstation because it comes with NVIDIAís latest CUDA parallel computing architecture. Along with it, it is capable to transmit 30-bit color accuracy. This GPU is fully compatible with industry-leading CAD and DCC professional applications, because it is already certified for those apps. These GPUs deliver a power efficient solution for mobile computing platform. So now you can barely assume that what is the purpose of this card. It is a solution for designing area like CAD and DCC.

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