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Thread: How do you overclock an AMD Athlon II Quad Core @ 3.0GHz?

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    How do you overclock an AMD Athlon II Quad Core @ 3.0GHz?

    Hi Guys,

    So I am just wondering if I will be able to overclock my CPU. It is an AMD Anthlon II Quad Core @ 3.0GHz. My motherboard is an Asus M4A87TD/USB3. My Power Suply is a Coolermaster 600W. Currently running Windows 7 Ultimate. My CPU's normal temperature at idle is around 16 degree tested by Core Temp. Its maximum temperature is 90 degree. My CPU cooler is a Coolermaster V8.

    Please note that I am not super super good with computers, but I am not that bad either.

    A few questions:
    1) Please teach me how to overclock this CPU!
    2) Is it always 100% that the overclock will succeed?
    3) What happens if the overclock fails if it does fail?
    4) Is it easy?

    Thanks so much guys!


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    Re: How do you overclock an AMD Athlon II Quad Core @ 3.0GHz?

    I think that you can get more then 3Ghz with an Athlon II by overcloking it on stock Volt and stock cooling. Below is the Stock settings that I used with my Athlon II 620 x4:

    200x13=2.600Mhz CPU
    200x10=2,000Mhz NB
    200x10=2,000Mhz SB
    200x8=1,600Mhz(PC12800) x6.66=1,333Mhz(PC10666)

    OC Settings
    250x13=3,250Mhz CPU
    250x8=2,000Mhz NB
    250x8=2,000Mhz SB
    250x6.66=1,666Mhz Memory
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