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Thread: Modification of HP T5300 Thin client

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    Modification of HP T5300 Thin client

    I work in an organization as a computer moder and I have been trying to mod an hp thin client T5300. Is there anybody who are familiar with this kind of computer or system which have a in-built CPU and operates windows I have recently opened the case and I have found that a flash memory coupled on a ATA connector. It is also looks similar to the ones they exercise for the laptop HDD 2.5 ATA. Now my current wish is to obtain the system to identify the HDD and boot on or after it. Is it possible to achieve in this HP T5300 Thin client?

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    Re: Modification of HP T5300 Thin client

    There is a small IDE connector beneath the little riser board which denotes apacer. Actually this is the 64mb flash chip. You need to take away this cautiously and you will notice a connector the equal like a laptop hard disk drive. Seeing that in support of tiny IDE cables, we obtained them from the slimline hp/compaq computers. Those have the laptop mode thin CDroms within them. They are also called as deskpro. I have then abridged mine and screwed the hard disk drive onto the peak metal platter.

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    Re: Modification of HP T5300 Thin client

    Is the pin thickness the identical as the little hard drive? If you be capable of set one finish on the hard disk drive, it must fit on the further. The small lump on the small apacer flash unit will provide evidence which compass reading the cable will necessitate to be. . Don't gust whatever thing up. Currently I am coming across to get rid of the 64MB Wince flash from that apacer component and set on a 2GB chip which I taken out from my thumb drive. I know that it is hard task but it will help.

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    Re: Modification of HP T5300 Thin client

    I think that other than messing with flash memory and other kind of controllers like IDE and ATA you should go for any alternative method for bootup. You can use the USB compatible portable devices like thumb drive or HDD or any other flash drives for your ThinClient. I know that they are little slow compared to in-built one but still you will bet hefty of memory for storage as well as other operation. You can also use the converter to connect the HDD but I donít think that you can able to boot up from that.

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