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Thread: My overclocking test fails

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    My overclocking test fails

    I have a Intel Core i7 system. I had tried first time to overclock my system but could not get success in that. I had planned everything properly to overclock the cpu. But before that my friend recommend me to first run a test to check the system stability. That really does not worked here. I was directly going to overclock the system. But this test has created a doubt in my mind that if I do the system without proper indication then that can crash my system. What you recommend for that. How can I then overclock the system.

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    Re: My overclocking test fails

    Check your system power supply. I think you are not having appropriate power source. Remember that the lesser power used by the cpu the fewer problems comes with cooling. As you can see new processors produce the same power as the old, while working at a higher frequency. Power dissipation depends on power supply voltage, so the processors with low-voltage power supply for overclocking have an advantage. Supply voltage, in turn, depends on the production technology of the processor. So it is possible that there somewhere else the power is not proper.

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    Re: My overclocking test fails

    Currently, processors are manufactured on technology 0.25mkm and due to this we are able to overclock the CPU a few degrees higher. To facilitate the process of testing all of the processors obtained from a single piece were marked by the worst results. In this part of the chip can operate at a higher frequency, but the individual testing is too slow to process. This explains the different ability to overclock processors even in the same batch. In the case of us do not depend on and can only hope for good luck. The only thing you can do - ask them to check the processor when buying or expect a refund. Use a better cooling and just overclock the system directly.

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    Re: My overclocking test fails

    You must have a good motherboard for an overclocking system, especially that can support overclocking Good motherboard is a prerequisite for successful overclocking. Most convenient to disperse the steel 100-megahertz motherboard. The best option for you would be the availability of undocumented motherboard bus speeds above 100MHz. These cards allow to increase greatly the performance of older processors even without overclocking. There are known manufacturers which provide you similar support and easy to use also. I had found some ready made features on the motherboard which initiate better overclocking.

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    Re: My overclocking test fails

    There are some important aspect that you must take care on a overclocking system. One it iis the availability of features for system monitoring. You can watch he temperature of the processor and motherboard, voltage and fan speed. This will help you avoid unwanted consequences. Very important opportunity to change the CPU voltage in increments of 0.1 volts. So if you can run coretemp and check that your cpu is heating up or not. If it is heating up then it means that your cpu is not appropriate. Try to update your bios and check your heat sink. Add a thin layer of thermal paste so that more heat can be removed.

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    Re: My overclocking test fails

    I will better recommend you to install additional fans on your rig. It is also beneficial for the working of all components of the system. If your motherboard has a monitoring system, then you can always look at the temperature of the CPU and motherboard. Otherwise will have to rely on the sensitivity of the fingers. Another way to cool the system was the use of liquid coolers. The best option for overclocking is an option using a synchronous memory module. They are capable of operating at frequencies above 100MHz.

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