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Thread: Phenom ii X2 550 Temprature quiet high

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    Phenom ii X2 550 Temprature quiet high

    I have my CPU a bit overclocked from 3.1 Ghz to 3.4 Ghz I know that much is not enough i feel that the temprature is too high, the CPU may be under 120 C I know this but right now it is under load (measured with CPU Cool and loaded with the Windows 7 unit test) it was 100% charged and had a temperature of 51 C, I can still overclock it changed everything Please help me so that i can keep the temprature a bit low. I hope someone else has this CPU and overclocking experience can tell me this.

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    Re: Phenom ii X2 550 Temprature quiet high

    if you can try other software then it will be better so that the temperature is correct, but you should go with CoreTemp literally on the safe side. Try Real Temp ... However, if you have a well-ventilated homes, and tightened correctly, the temperatures are quiet high , A CPU its not too hot with a good heatsink (because 2 fans count), your time seems very good! Mass .. I'm not complaining because I figured, I just wondered if you can or if you fail a clear detection software.

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    Re: Phenom ii X2 550 Temprature quiet high

    Real Temprature does not work with AMD Actually this seems just too. Check the bios and other programs. Try speed fan , If you check the bios I do not know what to refer to what p-state is the CPU. I seem to remember now that with the Asus software probe II temperatures were higher than 7 or 8 degrees. Reinstall now too bad I'm just not able to integrate his findings on the panel, I keep on your desktop of everest.

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    Re: Phenom ii X2 550 Temprature quiet high

    You should note that fans of radiators or in the housing, which are less than 120 mm in diameter, are not really quiet. The smaller the fans are, the higher the speed it takes to get to appropriate support services. At best, it is when you total well-tolerated temperatures of the CPU, but also the graphics card, hard drives and the motherboard come on. So not the Monster Super CPU cooler, the other areas as pansies over dismiss. As an example would be the small Xigmatek 1283 (plus fitting 775).

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