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Thread: Safe voltage for i7-930?

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    Safe voltage for i7-930?

    I will foreword this by saying that yes, I am still with the stock HSF that came with my Intel i7-930. And my Venomous X will arrive next week. I was trying to overclock my 930 a little this week, but was questioning that what is the safe voltage and temperature should be for this chip? I cannot take over 3.7Ghz stable but I was only pushed the voltage up to 1.235Volt (I think so default was 1.200v @ 2.88Ghz)
    In the BIOS it showing me that my chip is idle at 53C temperature. Is this temperature is very high? Trying to drive the chip to 3.80 GHz finally leads to system freezes, and I cannot tell how hot my chip is in fact running at complete speed within Windows. My settings were:
    CPU: 21 x 181 BClk, 1.235v
    RAM: 8-x-8-26-88-2T, 1.60v
    My RAM should extra than be up to the duty, as I have calm DRAM timings and have upped the voltage already. Should I thrust my CPU voltage up to extra and how much it should be? Thanks for replying in advance

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    Re: Safe voltage for i7-930?

    Hello everybody here! First of all I am not using such poor CPU with stock cooler. If your system is idling at 53 degree Celsius temperature then you complete temperature will be via the roof! Even with the stock cooler voltage on the CPU should be 1.250 Volts. I will not be attempt to OC it much over 3.0GHz which should be turbo mode anyway. Put a very good cooler on it you have written but do not stay with stock cooler on this CPU
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