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Thread: Maximum GTS 250 overclock

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    Maximum GTS 250 overclock

    I would like to know how to overclock a GTS 250 512 MB DDR2. But as you can see from the screen I have a problem, my purpose and my GPU fan speed to 99 mounted when I run a game ( especially when they are heavy) and suddenly my card make a noise phew ! and I fear what burns even if the maximum temperature that I had is 68 , do you think is normal, or I have a problem ? Please help.

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    Re: Maximum GTS 250 overclock

    More graphics card is expensive , the less interested people ... The GeForce 8800 GTX and GTS were launched in November at respective rates of 650 € and 550 € . They are now negotiating from 500 $ to 400 $ . A fine drop in price does not, however, these models place " upscale " to everyone . One of our recent polls showed that many of our readers are not ready to make € 300 in their graphics card . And it is precisely at this price that the GeForce 8800 GTS 320 MB is available.

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    Re: Maximum GTS 250 overclock

    Less than 512 MB While there is no doubt that the 320 MB will be largely sufficient "fire" 1280x1024 or 1440x900 and it is insufficient for the 1920x1200, it is much more difficult to settle for 1680x1050 . According to the rendering engine of the game itself , the texture size , use or non- HDR and AA , the 320 MB be enough.

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    Re: Maximum GTS 250 overclock

    According to our tests with games that can display all the textures used , it is not uncommon to reach more than 200MB in Oblivion (via the TDT command followed Setdebugtext 13) , we found between 220 MB ( 260 MB and up ) used by the 1680x1050 textures , which leads in the case of a GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB to around 80 MB for different buffer . This seems sufficient given that the main buffer for HDR without AA consume within 50 megs 1920x1200, the memory consumed by textures reaches 280 MB , 60 MB larger than 1680x1050 . The remaining 40 MB is insufficient time to buffer rendering.

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    Re: Maximum GTS 250 overclock

    Following a problem with our test card, we were not able to perform tests for overclocking . However, it is important to stress one thing : to gain performance , increase the frequency of Stream Processors. Unfortunately , no software can do ! It is necessary to extract an image of the bios , edit it to correct the frequency and then flash the card. An operation a little more risky than the "up" sliders . Of course , do not overclock the shader pipelines must also increase the frequency of the core ( including those of ROPs and memory controllers ) and the memory frequency . These two operations are very simple with ATI Tool or RivaTuner.

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    Re: Maximum GTS 250 overclock

    When the 320 Mb is sufficient, the performance losses are non-existent or very limited, and the GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB enjoys an excellent price / performance. Fortunately, this is often the case. By cons , when it is imperative to say 512 MB or more generally over 320 MB, GeForce 8800 accuses the small backlash.

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