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Thread: Asus AI Suite fails to load

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    Asus AI Suite fails to load

    Hello. I have a desktop machine and it is been installed with Windows 7 64 bit. I have an Asus AI suite application for and is meant to overclock the system. The problem is that it is not able to load. I have no idea why is this happening? When I click on the .exe file it shows an error message as assertion failed Please do help me out so that I can sort the issue and make the things to work well for it. I hope to get the thing well out here. Thank you.

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    Re: Asus AI Suite fails to load

    The problem is basically that the application would not be able to support under the operating system that you use. This is the thing that needs to work out well. The version of operating system that you use is not supported much by the application as I have faced the similar problem. So in order to get the issue sorted you need to use or try to run the application under 32 bit version. This may work. Do check out.

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    Re: Asus AI Suite fails to load

    The problem could be associated with the application suite is that the application is been appended with some bug issue and hence you may need to sort the thing well by using another copy of the application. You may then be able to work out well with the application. The other way could be perform a reinstallation. It may also sort the thing accordingly.

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    Re: Asus AI Suite fails to load

    Use the upgraded pack of the application. It could be that the application you are using is not updated or is old in comparison to the operating system that you use to get cope well. So I would recommend and make you to know well about it by getting the updated tool from the official website. This may work out well for you.

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    Re: Asus AI Suite fails to load

    It would be better that to overclock the system do not use the suite application that is the AI suite. It is not proper and would not result good. You need to use BIOS or use flash using DOS. This would be much better and then you can process the things well accordingly. So do check out and make the ailments to be performed. You may get to a better conclusion then.

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    Re: Asus AI Suite fails to load

    Check out for the driver that you have. I hope this will have the issue associated and related to it. In order to sort the thing well for you it is necessary that you do perform a check for the suite and you may be able to get sort of the thing well. I hope it will then help you out to get the issue to solve. Do check out.

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    Re: Asus AI Suite fails to load

    Try to perform a clean boot service and then make the thing to get implemented or installed. All you need to do is to follow the steps as mentioned below:

    • Open the start menu and then type msconfig.
    • Hit enter
    • Under the selective startup tab choose Hide all Microsoft service
    • Disable the services
    • Restart the system

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