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Thread: Computer Overheating - Stops responding

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    Computer Overheating - Stops responding

    Here's my problem: My HP desktop for some time ram completely (long opening files, Windows gives me suddenly quit a game telling me that I lack virtual memory, some games are 3 times slower than before, etc.). Also I noticed that my processor (AMD Athlon 1600 + 1.4 GHz) is too hot (64, it was 70 before I clean a bit the dust) and its fan is about 900rpm. Many times the PC stops responding and I think that the reason is overheating. Can anyone help me?

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    Re: Computer Overheating - Stops responding

    Try to follow the things to less down the computer overheating :
    • Completely clean your PC (all fans).
    • Tell me how many fans you have in your PC and where?
    • If your PC is overclocked, reduces the frequency of your bus.
    • If it is slow, do some cleaning in your files over a scan with Ad-Aware to remove spyware and all tasks that rotated in the background and defragments your PC.
    • For the RAM, you can increase it in control panel, system, advanced settings (performance), advanced, edit.

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    Re: Computer Overheating - Stops responding

    Check the fan / radiator. Is it installed in your system.??
    • The mounting pins are they in the right place? The radiator is it securely attached to the Socket to the motherboard?
    • Do you use the fan / radiator associated with your CPU box?
    • If this is the one that came with the processor, so good.
    • Are there thermal interface material at the bottom of the radiator?
      • The thermal material is applied directly to the radiators Intel factory. If you need thermal interface material and you have a processor in a box which is still in warranty period of three years, ask the Intel Service Center.

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    Re: Computer Overheating - Stops responding

    Check that whether the vents are not blocked. Move the cables and other components that block the airflow. Do not use more fans as necessary for your frame: more is not better. Make sure you have the latest BIOS and set it up to date , if any. To identify the current version of BIOS, raise the BIOS identification string that appears at boot. You can also view the BIOS version by entering the setup (F2 key during boot).

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    Re: Computer Overheating - Stops responding

    If your computer is overheating when it was operating properly, here are some tips to remedy this situation :
    Check the fan / radiator -
    • Are there any broken parts or missing?
    • Check that the pins are not damaged, return them to their original position and reinstall the processor.
    • Clean the radiator fins if you see dust. (Use of air / gas compressed)
    • If the thermal interface material has dried or eroded, replace it with a thermally conductive compound also called thermal grease or thermal compound.
    • Check carefully that the fans are connected to the pins on the motherboard and run when the system are turned on.

    Cables not plugged or damaged - Some of the hard drive cables are connected it wrong? They impede the flow of air?

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    Re: Computer Overheating - Stops responding

    I am really grateful to the members for presenting a fruitful informa about the this very serious topic. This happen many times with my computer but there ids only one solution to give rest to the computer or hope someone could informa about any system yo cure it.

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