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Thread: Normal Voltage for E6750

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    Normal Voltage for E6750

    I am looking forward to buy new EP45-UD3P MB for an old E6750 cpu which is currently installed on my system it is not functioning properly. i am always very much concerned with the temprature of the cpu when it gets overclocked above 3.2 ghz. But i have the feeling that the abit is defaulting to only 1.35 V. Since BIOS will allow only that much. It appears as the E6750 needs 1.18 v in order to run at the stock.

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    Re: Normal Voltage for E6750

    As far as i know 1.18V is the default BIOS value. Hence i would suggest you to create a registers text report using the CPU-Z software. Then check the saved report what the max VID is in order to overclock this cpu than the default is likely needed. I hope that this will help you in this matter .
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    Re: Normal Voltage for E6750

    Thanks for the reply After checking the CPU-Z txt files it appears as the Max VID is 1.35V. Which means that the default voltage is set to the maximum value. can you tell me whether the Gigabyte board setup at the default VID of 1.18V and will it allow me to play with the voltages that are required. It appears as the 1.35V is quiet high for 3.2 Ghz 24X7 usage.

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    Re: Normal Voltage for E6750

    If you consider the MaxVID for the processor it is the max stock speed. Max VID for the E6750 is around 1.5 voltages. Try to mention the core voltafge reading in CPU-Z.
    The Q9550 is a newer processor which is different from the 65nm E6750 processor. Also You have not mentioned which stepping is your Q9550 C1 or E0.

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    Re: Normal Voltage for E6750

    First of all i would like to know how high the E6750 will need to overclocked. also do not forgot to mention the voltages as well as the temprature. i would recommend you to manually set the voltages and also tell me whether you use C. I. A. 2 auto settings. Are you using same method to over clock both the processors.

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