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Thread: 9800 GTX Cooling Settings

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    9800 GTX Cooling Settings

    I got one of those 9800 GTX cards in a computer that has the Nvidia tools installed and it says for gpu cooling 10% and on convinced boot ups it says 32% for fan speeds. This is annoying for the reason that I had an innovative inaccuracy in event log regarding infinite loop which my imagine was this because I rebooted and it says 32% on fan speed and did not get the loop. I tried shifting the slider up additional than it says itís in unacceptable setting. This is an EVGA 9800GTX too brand innovative for a HTPC so is the fan not running right or is it tools from Nvidia. GPU-Id says its 43% when on last boot it said 58%.

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    Re: 9800 GTX Cooling Settings

    The EVGA Precision Tool. You utilize it on your BFG 9800GTX and have your fan at 100%. Presently set it, hit it off Apply and close. Yeah, seems the majority users set it to 60%, but you have always used 100% on the entire to your cards. You be capable of creating Profiles, which you believe goes by temperature (verify eVGA Precision Tool Thread) and then the card would not work at a constant %, similar to mine does at present (100% 24/7). It is not that noisy at 100%, but you are able to tell dissimilarity if you turn it down to 60%. You would immediately rather have the superior cooling, that's the entire. If you setup the Profiles, then the fan speed determine to fluctuate, but if you presently set it without Profiles, it stays at that % continuously, no matter if you are in game or presently browsing the web.

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    Re: 9800 GTX Cooling Settings

    I am not certain. It was your sympathetic it merely stayed at that low % during 2D, but if you fired up a game it would spin up to a quicker speed, but perhaps not. You cannot imagine it staying at the 36% or does not matter what the entire the time, but it may. If so, that's immediately dumb. You do not be familiar with a method to test if it speeds up or not during 3D apps. For fan used gpus you have to utilize 60 at present for speed which is superior and not noisy.

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    Re: 9800 GTX Cooling Settings

    You immediately put yourself on the waiting record for a Step Up at EVGA. Immediately going from the 8800GTS G92 to the 9800GTX. You determine to necessitate to pay similar to $56.xx ($49+shipping). You read/heard that it's actually not worth the upgrade, but your time was working out so you put yourself on the waiting record. You might end up canceling it and immediately stick with your 8800GTS G92.

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    Re: 9800 GTX Cooling Settings

    You would go for the 9800GTX for that price although. You be supposed to be capable to get a bit superior of an over clock with the 9800. You sincerely do not think you determine to observe much dissimilarity. You might get a noticeable boost from a 640mb GTS to a 9800GTX, but the g92 GTS would have been a boost for me too. Immediately the step up is prepared for processing and is supposed to you cancel it or carry on with it.

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    Re: 9800 GTX Cooling Settings

    Your 8800gtx started to artifact yesterday so you called EVGA and it was unwavering that it was imperfect several methods you picked up a BFG O/C 9800GTX at most excellent purchase at the same time as you do the advanced RMA, and then sell the 8800GTX on EBay when you get it back from RMA. You have to played with the 9800GTX today the first things you noticed are the temps approximately 10c less in heat approximately 56c to 60c idle the 8800GTX would idle regarding 70c it makes a nice dissimilarity in your Cosmo case which gets attractive hot so that was a nice plus. The additional thing you notice was the fan noise when idle it's hardly audible but if you set it to 100% fan speed using Ntune itís appealing loud.

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