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Thread: Want to know Command Line Switches for RivaTuner

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    Want to know Command Line Switches for RivaTuner

    Actually I am trying to use Rivatuner via command line and was wondering if some sort of files or references is present. I tried to use the help file but it is having a massive changelist. To be more precise I want to change the core and mem clk on AMD video cards since AMDGPUClockTool is not supported with Cat9.2. Therefore, I need help for Command Line Switches for RivaTuner

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    Re: Want to know Command Line Switches for RivaTuner

    If there is a problem with the RivaTuner which you want to access through command line then is a way through which you can launch the Rivatuner for getting the overclocking screen. Actually, you need to go through the menu system for getting there. I think this may help you.

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    Re: Want to know Command Line Switches for RivaTuner

    Yes you can go launch the Rivatuner by following these steps.
    1. First of all you have to click on Launcher
    2. Add new items then go to Rivatuner module activation item
    3. After that [module type] and then to driver level
    4. Then you have to [module name] then system settings
    5. Now [Tab name] and then overclocking

    Back to the new category in the Launcher tab, right click on it, and create a shortcut menu. It will overclock a shortcut on your desktop screen, at the driver level and one more thing you can use command line for starting a launcher item linked with desired overclocking profile

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    Re: Want to know Command Line Switches for RivaTuner

    Turning out automating the GUI is just too much work especially with the sliders and without text box input. I need to know one more thing that the overclocking profiles are storing as the text somewhere so that it will be easy for me to edit. Since, I want to write a perl script for setting the clocks.

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    Re: Want to know Command Line Switches for RivaTuner

    No they are stored in the binary format means they are the binary key, and the path for that is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Unwinder\RivaTuner\NVID IA\Overclocking\Devices\VEN_10DE&DEV_05E1&SUBSYS_0 A1A19F1&REV_A1&INST00\Hardware\Schemes

    I will suggest not to mess with the registry keys. If you are thinking about scripting those then do not do it. It will only put you in mess. It will be better to create a launcher.

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