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Thread: Overclock GPU with MSI Afterburner

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    Overclock GPU with MSI Afterburner

    i am interested to overclock GPU for the same my friend suggest me to get MSI Afterburner .Can any one tell how better it is for overclock gpu and where to get it ?

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    Re: Overclock GPU with MSI Afterburner

    get here MSI Afterburner Afterburner fully supports the GPU/Shader/Memory clock adjustment of NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards.
    o Up to 85% overclocking capability
    o Over voltage function to significantly increase overclocking potential
    o Core/Shader/Memory clock adjustment
    o Core/Shader clock Link/Unlink capability

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    Re: Overclock GPU with MSI Afterburner

    Based on the RivaTuner, Afterburner can change the frequency of the GPU, shaders and memory, and the fan speed and voltage of the GPU. Changing the voltage of GPU cards are reserved for MSI Lightning. You can also monitor your temperatures with monitoring and create profiles to save them and see even launch a particular profile when Windows starts.

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    Re: Overclock GPU with MSI Afterburner

    The question is where will operate RivaTuner to change the voltages to the video cards? And that's what MSI's engineers as well as some other brands have decided to exploit. About video cards have different lines of tension where each has its part to manage. we can call as VGPU consists of two parts with the voltage reference called VID offset and two values are only two registers present on all cards that take the voltage regulators

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    Re: Overclock GPU with MSI Afterburner

    MSI has thought to design a tool called Afterburner interface Graphics able to access the registers so as to change the voltage of the video card based on the user's needs. Afterburner MSI shows a very intuitive divided into two parts.

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    Re: Overclock GPU with MSI Afterburner

    The left side is devoted to the modification of the settings where you will find precisely the Offset Voltage, The frequency of the GPU Clock With the option of the link with the shader (Shaders Clock), The frequency of memories (Memory clock) And finally the fan speed of the video card. The right side of program instead is dedicated to monitoring. where there is a graph showing the temperature and voltage of the GPU, the frequencies of the GPU, the Shaders and memory and eventually the fan speed varies according to temperature, and this of course if the fan control is left to the program (FAN Control)

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