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Thread: MSI Afterburner vs Rivatuner

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    MSI Afterburner vs Rivatuner

    Does anyone have used this MSI Afterburner overclocking utility? i would like to know its comparison with rivatuner , which one is is better?

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    Re: MSI Afterburner vs Rivatuner

    I prefer Rivatuner over everything else, you guys can test by yourself by downloading and installing Rivatuner and MSI Afterburner from following links:

    Download MSI Afterburner

    Download RivaTuner :

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    Re: MSI Afterburner vs Rivatuner

    Afterburner should work depending on if the card has software voltage adjustment locked or uses an unsupported PWM setup.

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    Re: MSI Afterburner vs Rivatuner

    MSI Afterburner,EVGA Precision, RivaTuner all this are one and the same kind of products with little bit changes. Using the MSI Afterburner over the EVGA Precision I've gained 100 points in 3DMarkVantage. MSI Afterburner is also RivaTuner's similar looks like product like Precision, so both of them look a lot like RivaTuner. With new product we tried to fill the gap in features between Precision and RivaTuner and give to experienced overclockers something relatively simple but still having some more serious functionality inside. So it also received easy to use vendor independent voltage controls and RivaTuner's software fan speed scheduling exposed in new visual GUI.

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