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Thread: Overheating or power supply problem

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    Overheating or power supply problem

    I have a P4 system, which automatically shutdown whenever i try to work on it. I had already bought a cooler for my pc, but it continues to shutdown. Is it a overheating or power supply problem? Can any body tell me that what exact problem i'm having on my pc? Does any body knows about it? Please help me out to resolve the above issue.

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    Re: Overheating or power supply problem

    The more devices you add to a computer, then overall the power
    USED is going to increase. Did you balance the fans so that you have equal fans blowing in as blowing out? The power supply fan is one of the blowing out.Ideally it would have two fans in the front bottom blowing in and two fans in the rear top half blowing out.

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    Re: Overheating or power supply problem

    Many modern power supplies have a thermally controlled fan. As the psu does more work and gets hotter, the fan spins faster. Sounds like that applies to your machine. Immediately after the shutdown, touch the base of the heatsink and feel.If it's slightly warm, then you have a temp monitoring problem, then it is probably something else. The more you load the cpu, motherboard, memory, graphics card etc. while gaming, the hotter they all get. It's certainly possible than one or more than one of these components is just getting too hot under load.

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    Re: Overheating or power supply problem

    Your computer needs more power than your PSU can suppy it seems likly seeing as just added parts a couple of days ago or 2. A good cleaning involves taking of the cover and blowing out the fans, processor, heatsink, all tower openings, the power supply and everything else inside. So, try opening up the tower, use compressed air to clean out all the dust and while inside, check for bulging or leaking capacitors on the motherboard. Your computer is overheating and you either need to replace the fan or maybe the computer isn't getting enough air circulation because none of your wires are tied back and just left hanging or you computer has been overclocked meaning that the performance is being pushed past the factory setting and creating to much heat.

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