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Thread: Overclock settings e6550

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    Overclock settings e6550

    hi ,
    I'd like to overclock my Core2Duo E6550, but I'm not sure how mit take, I need your help. so please tell me how can climb my CPU what temperature will be reasonable for it ?
    thank you

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    Re: overclock settings e6550

    its not only the engineering model of processor core 2 Duo E6550 (2.33 GHz) to 1333 MHz system bus, but also on the motherboards core x38 Intel chips in the game complete with ddr 3 memory. i test the processor on the motherboard asus , with Intel P965 chipset.Amazing result for processor witch cost less than $ 200. Note that CPU Z has not identified the strengthening of this processor E0.Attract attention, that the BIOS on the motherboard asus commando support strengthening E0 processors. We hope that further strengthening E0 representatives will be overclocked as good as this.Tips For Overclocking Memory/CPU

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    Re: overclock settings e6550

    On an ASUS P5K mother and E6550, I can not exceed 488MHz for a total of 3.4 GHz.488 Mhz is a good result. asus p5 e6550 Overclocking configuration
    1) Try to lower the cpu multiplier and raise your FSB to verify if this is already the most for your processor .
    2) less than the minimum memory Devinder. Try to keep the memory frequency as low as possbile
    3) increase the chipset voltage
    4) to increase your voltage Vtt
    5) Check your chips and cpu temperature, and try to improve your cooling

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    Re: overclock settings e6550

    Try to increase your cpu voltage a bit to 1.4 or 1.45, a little bump the chipset voltage, reduce the frequency of memory (in memory of the question). Trying to cool the north bridge and south for a better result (460 FSB stock cooling is already good).You should be able to operate at 3 GHz with no problem. there is no need for additional cooling

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    Re: Overclock settings e6550

    starts Overclock settings e6550

    Advanced CPU Settings:

    CPU ratio settings: AUTO < normal it will have the value of your CPU ratio control "
    - C1E Support: Disable
    - CPU TM function: Disable
    - Vanderpool Technology: disable
    - Execute Disable Bit: Disable
    - Max CPUID Value Limit: Disable
    - Intel (R) SpeedStep (TM) Tech. : Disable

    Cpu ratio control > 7
    fsb strap to NB > 333
    fsb frequency > 358
    PCIe frequency > 101

    dram frequency > lowest value (at the same time as the fsb)

    rat dram command > manual

    and the values you pass a 5-5-5-15
    dram timing control > T2

    CPU spead spectrum > disable
    PCI spead spectrum > disable

    CPU voltage > 1.40

    I just see that you are already a 2.8GHz (in your config)

    if you are a stable 2.8GHz your fsb to 430 and you will be a 3ghz, if your coefficient is 7

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