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Thread: Biggest computer fan available

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    Biggest computer fan available

    i am here to know which is the biggest fan that would allow me to pass great amount of air while i am going to over clock. i am looking for something big performer and with good speeds.please reply me such option.
    thank you.

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    Re: Biggest computer fan available

    well if you looking for biggest fan i only remember case with fan like APlus Case which my brother had ,that's a big fan with 120mm but it spins at around 650rpm generating just 22dB of noise being enclosed in a plastic case .

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    Re: Biggest computer fan available

    One of the largest CPU fans ever made, Zalman's CNPS9500 LED needs 1400W of power and starter cartridges to even start running. This is 100% copper fan with measures a 85(L) X 112(W) X 125(H)mm and weighs in at 530g. Its compatible with Intel/AMD Processors and Socket 775/578/754/939/940 motherboards.

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    Re: Biggest computer fan available

    Asus OC Station This device will allow gamers to control all the voltages and frequencies in a detailed way. OC Station has a 3-inch screen where we can configure the overclock we want in a very easy and quick way.

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    Re: Biggest computer fan available

    try 250mm Silent Jumbo Case Fan .The 250mm Silent LED Case Fan is just asking to be installed on a case side panel. With its massive area, this fan can cool an entire motherboard, plus its built in 5 LEDs (optional) can illuminate your entire case.
    The fan kicks out 105 CFM while making less than 25 dBA - less noise than most 80mm fans! The included black bezel and grill will cover the hole in the side panel


    Color: Clear Fan with 5 Blue LED (optional) and Black bezel
    Fan Dimension: 250 x 30 mm
    Rated Voltage: DC 12V
    Rated Input Power: 4.8W
    Rated Current: 400 mA
    Fan Speed: 8005% rpm
    Airflow: 105.2 CFM
    Noise: <25 dBA
    Connector: 4 Pin pass-through power connector 700mm
    Work Temperature: -10~85 C
    Motor Temperature: ≤ 85 C or ≤ 185 F
    Weight: 210g

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