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Thread: Heatsink for AMD Athlon X2 7750

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    Heatsink for AMD Athlon X2 7750

    Which heatsink would you suggest for the Athlon 7750? Earlier I had Athlon 64 x2 4000+ with the stock heatsink which I never had temperature problems with. Although this new one also has stock heatsink, sometimes the temperature seems to climb for some time and sometimes the their is increase in fan speed making soft noise. I have some cooler in my mind but I want the recommendations from you for the heatsink before this.

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    Re: Heatsink for AMD Athlon X2 7750

    I've gone through 5 Kumas so far, and IMO, it's a terrible stock cooler. It's aluminum, without heat-pipes like the copper one they toss in with the 6000+x2 or 9950. It's almost like AMD knows, b/c it's a BE, that most will go after-market anyways. I've used the stock for an office box and it still got lousy temps, so I swapped it out for a Zalman 7000 and it worked fine, but I didnt OC it either.

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    Re: Heatsink for AMD Athlon X2 7750

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    Re: Heatsink for AMD Athlon X2 7750

    Depends on how you plan to use it, and how many other fans you have in your system.

    If you enable Cool 'n Quiet, and set the energy profile to "Energy / CPU Saver", you will be somewhat okay (CPU will run at 1/2 speed).

    If you're thinking about doing any kind of activity with the CPU at stock speed (playing games, doing any kind of work other then basic web surfing), and are going to have the computer on for several hours, you definitely need to think about either replacing the heatsink compound on the stock cooler, or doing the smart thing and investing in a better heatsink.

    The block of aluminum heatsink is not very efficient at all. It will absorb the heat, but it won't dissipate the heat. The stock fan isn't very good either.

    I would highly suggest you purchase an aftermarket heatsink if you intend to actually use your computer.

    IF you are on a budget and don't want to worry about purchasing an aftermarket heatsink, I suggest you pass on the Kuma, and buy an equally priced Brisbane core. The Brisbane will run much cooler, and you don't have to worry about destroying your whole system because you are using the stock heat sink.

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