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Thread: Unable to make FSB settings for P8400

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    Unable to make FSB settings for P8400

    I have a Aspire 7730G and in C2D P8400 - 2,26Ghz , 1066FSB , 3MB l2, I was trying to overclock it with setFSB but setFSB dont have full support for my 3mb size (so I have a problem after overclocking when I try restart, it freez after restart and I have to shut it down on a buton), so please if anyone know program for oc my P8400 post...yes also my chipset is Intel PM45....

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Unable to make FSB settings for P8400

    I have found in OCing that the controlling factors that you must always consider are (in order):

    1) FSB = do some math before you begin to set some multiples and determine possible limits (motherboards
    have their own inherent FSB limits and possible dead zones)
    2) Voltage = this is the most important factor in achieving high oc's
    3) Temperature = this will ultimately set your comfort levels with your voltage settings
    4) Ram Speed - ALWAYS controlled by the FSB number (keep this at a 1:1 FSB:Ram ratio to start and boost
    Ram speed by adjusting the Cpu Multiplier down while raising the FSB up to keep the same cpu clock
    5) Ram Timing - least important unless you're setting benchmarks (Super Pi etc.) and sometimes is
    counter-productive to benchmarks even with stable settings

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    Re: Unable to make FSB settings for P8400

    You need to get into the BIOS, there should be a way of checking the memory bus & Front Side Bus settings in there. You should be looking for either 266MHz or 333 MHz for the front side bus, depending on the make & model of motherboard. You should have the motherboard manual to hand to enable you to find out where to look in the BIOS for the required info. If you don't have the manual, then as long as you have the make & model, you will be able to d/l a manual as a PDF file from the makers website.

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